Superman and Lois details mean Bizarro can turn his ally Allston into a parasite

A hidden detail spotted during a fight between Superman and Bizarro could reveal how Ally Allston becomes the Arrowverse’s parasite.

Warning: Spoilers for Superman and Lois season 2, episode 4

A hidden detail in one of Bizarro’s scenes in Superman and Lois can reveal how Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt) will become the Arrowverse’s vision on Parasite. The cult leader who appears to be the main villain in Lois’ story during Superman and Lois season 2 shares its name with a version of Parasite in DC Comics. But for now, that seems to be his only connection to the comic book character.

As it stands, Ally is only a problem for Lois (Bitsie Tulloch) in Smallville. His presence in her life presents a major threat to Lois’ career as a journalist. Lois’ main goal right now is to bring down the Cult of Ally and stop her from further corrupting Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan). And while she’s currently not part of Superman’s story, it’s possible she could end up being drawn into conflict with him as well. After all, his comic book namesake has a close connection to Superman in DC Comics. Typically, Parasite is an identity used by villains with the ability to draw energy from their opponents and use it to make themselves more powerful.


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A clue to how Ally can turn into an Arrowverse parasite can be found in Superman and Lois season 2, episode 4, titled “The Reverse Method”. When Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Bizarro fought on the farm, energy beams shot out of Bizarro’s collar and hit Superman. A fan pointed out that during this scene, Superman’s hands – which were gripping Bizarro’s shoulders – started to turn black [via Reddit]. Bizarro continued to hold Superman as energy continued to swirl around them. For some reason, Superman couldn’t escape until Steel (Wolé Parks) got involved. It could be that Bizarro’s mysterious necklace is actually draining Clark’s life force and strength, weakening him. If true (which is a scenario that seems very likely), it could be a big factor in Ally’s Arrowverse story.

Superman Lois Bizarro Fight Clark Black Hands

To truly become Parasite, what Ally needs is a way to steal other characters’ powers. Bizarro’s necklace could be the key to making it happen. If she were to get her hands on it, she would have the means to take the powers of Clark and other metahumans. That would fall into his hands could very well be a story for an upcoming episode. After all, the show named her after Parasite for a reason. He also hinted at her connection to the comic book character when Lois called her “parasite”.

Obtaining the necklace could turn Ally from a villain of Lois into an enemy of several characters, including Superman and even Bizarro. Not only that, but the show following this course would make sense of Lois’ current arc and how that story ties into Clark’s. Similar to how season 1 finally merged the storylines of Morgan Edge and Captain Luthor, we expect Superman and Lois season 2 will eventually do the same with Ally’s worship and the fight with Bizarro. The necklace may be what ultimately binds them together.

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Superman and Lois returns February 22 on The CW.

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