Superman and Lois’ LGBT Arc Cured Sarah

Superman and Lois’ LGBT arc healed Sarah and led her to begin to mend her family issues, but it could cost a loved one dearly.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Superman and Lois Sseason 2, episode 7, “Anti-Hero,” airs Tuesday, March 8 on The CW.

Season 2 of Superman and Lois botched Sarah’s LGBT storyline after returning from camp. She revealed that she cheated on Jordan with a girl named Aubrey, setting up a break that would allow her to explore her sexual identity. But the brakes on this chapter of self-discovery were quickly pumped, causing Sarah to return to Jordan.

This made the arc superficial because it came at a time when comic book fans were learning about Jon Kent’s bisexuality, which made Sarah’s confusion a perfect, relatable angle for teenagers. However, this journey has just resumed, and while it has healed a major aspect of Sarah’s home life, it will come at a high price.

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Sarah and Aubrey reconnect in Superman & Lois

Sarah was broken by the way her father, Kyle, cheated on Lana. He was kicked out of the house, but kept calling. Sarah ignored him, however, struggling for a second chance. She began to alienate Jordan again, eventually calling Aubrey her camp adventure. They had dinner together, with Sarah apologizing for ghosting him.

However, they didn’t wade through their love triangle much, as Sarah needed a friend. As such, Aubrey has genuinely discussed the Kyle issue, sharing more of the issues from her own family’s past. Their nuanced connection picked up instantly, clearly showing how natural they were with each other.

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It foreshadows another breakup, especially considering how Sarah admitted she couldn’t tell Jordan about her father. That’s a big red flag to say to the girl you cheated on Jordan with, so this disconnect over something so meaningful and useful doesn’t bode well for their future. The girls hugged, promising to stay friends, but it’s obvious the romantic chemistry lingers. Aubrey made a deep impression on her, with Sarah ending the episode by visiting a teary-eyed Kyle to seemingly reconcile. It had an air of forgiveness and redemption, so once Sarah gave Kyle the chance to atone, Lana could do the same. She has a tiring municipal campaign going on, so even if it’s as friends, Kyle could help out with the girls, piecing together some semblance of happiness the Cortez family once knew.

Sarah and Aubrey reconnect in Superman & Lois

Ultimately, the catalyst for this would be Aubrey’s words, which Sarah won’t forget. She already enjoys spending time with her, so knowing that they confided in their most vulnerable moment will break Jordan. He’ll surely realize that they forced a reunion without really addressing his infidelity, so that returning baggage will be the final straw. After all, Jordan will be disappointed that Sarah didn’t even treat him like a trusted friend.

Unfortunately, this comes at a time when Jordan is stressed by Jon’s drug use, Clark and Sam struggle to find Lt. Anderson after the soldier kills a heroic Bizarro, and the threat of Ally Allston looms. Thus, healing Sarah at Jordan’s expense could affect his mind and powers, putting him at risk for these future issues.

To see how Sarah betrayed Jordan again, watch Superman & Lois, Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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