Superman Reboot Starring Ta-Nehisi Coates and JJ Abrams Hasn’t Thrived Yet

In a Variety article, there was a little discussion about the current Superman reboot update starring Ta-Nehisi Coates and JJ Abrams.

According Varietyfollowing a review and redesign two months ago in April, following the revival of the newly formed conglomerate, Warner Bros. Discovery (a move that’s happened multiple times), a Hollywood insider gave the scoop on the recent Ta-Nehisi Coates/JJ Abrams Superman reboot update and so far, it looks like the Black Kal-El Supes be in limbo.

As new WBD CEO David Zaslav searches for his guru who can do what Kevin Feige did for Marvel Studios and what should be done for DC Films, there has been a reshuffling of studio executives. in different departments.

While Toby Emmerich resigned as chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures but will remain in his role until he launches his own production company on a five-year contract with the film studio, Michael DeLuca and Pamela Abdy will replace Emmerich and oversee their other labels, including Warner Bros. such as New Line, Warner Bros. Animation and DC Films.

What’s Holding Back the JJ Abrams-Backed Superman Reboot?

The problem is actually compounded. While Zaslav is frustrated with the lack of consistency when it comes to DC’s past output and has sought to “aggressively” connect cross-platform narratives between their live-action content, there is a dilemma in solving the Superman problem.

Concerns stem from Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU gradually stepping back from the role of the Bad Robot-produced Project Superman, having yet to finalize their plans despite the script presumably having been submitted to the studio.

How soon can we receive updates on the Black Superman movie?

It’s all speculation at this point, but with this writer’s experience in the film industry, two things can play out here and depend on Bad Robot’s progress in the months to come. Either the project will be announced to the masses that it will be cancelled, or it will be forgotten. Pay close attention to the puff pieces in current trades in the film business in the coming weeks leading up to September.

In the small prospect that progress ensues, if the WBD has the confidence to put the brakes on it, there could be new announcements to come such as the hiring of a new writer for example, or suggestions for actors for lead and supporting roles. . Feedback, based on this, will determine whether it will be canceled or thrown into development hell.

What do you think of the current Ta-Nehisi Coates and JJ Abrams Superman reboot at Warner Bros. Pictures for Bad Robot and DC Films? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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