Thanos Officially Uses His “Snap” To Troll Marvel Heroes

The Thanos snap is the most iconic gesture in the Marvel Universe, and the Mad Titan is now using it to mock his unlikely new ally, Silver Surfer.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Silver Surfer: Rebirth #2

Thanks to the success of the film Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos‘ the infamous snap has become an iconic gesture even outside of the comic book world. Although the comic version of Thanos may not be aware of his recent popularity with the general public, he still uses the chilling memory of his first shot during the Infinity Gauntlet saga to poke fun at Marvel heroes.

Thanos’ original snap happened in Infinity Gauntlet #1, by Jim Starlin, George Pérez, Josef Rubinstein, Max Scheele and Ian Laughlin. After acquiring all six Infinity Stones (then called Infinity Gems), Thanos gained mastery over all aspects of reality. He did this to please his true love, Mistress Death, to whom he swore to kill half the population of the universe. Thanos keeps his promise, and with the snap of a finger, his wish comes true thanks to the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, in an iconic scene that will return twenty-seven years later to the climax of Avengers: Infinity War.


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During the Gauntlet Saga, Silver Surfer was one of the heroes who stood against Thanos and helped wrest Infinity’s power from him, restoring the universe to its previous state. In the recent Silver Surfer: Rebirth series (by Ron Martz, Ron Lim, Don Ho and Israel Silva), which takes place shortly after the Infinity Gauntlet events, the former Herald of Galactus once again came face to face with Thanos. After Thanos’ defeat, cosmic hero Adam Warlock took over the Gauntlet, but was deemed unworthy of its power by the Living Tribunal, the multiverse’s supreme judge. The Gems were once again scattered among the members of the new Infinity Watch, and Warlock made the incredible decision to give the most powerful Reality Gem to Thanos himself. The decision was actually a smart move as Thanos had given up on his nihilistic ways and no one would dare try to steal the Mad Titan, but the unthinkable happened and the Reality Gem disappeared. Thanos enlists Silver Surfer’s help in tracking him down, but not before he takes the time to play with his former nemesis a bit.

Before embarking on this interstellar journey, Thanos brings his finger closer and is about to snap them. Seeing this, Surfer charges up an energy blast and threatens Thanos, who rewards him with a smirk. He snaps his fingers, but only to open a hangar and summon his throne, an iconic mode of transportation befitting the arrogance of the Mad Titan. Thanos only played with Surfer, and he liked to upset the hero. Silver Surfer: Rebirth is clearly an homage to classic cosmic sagas from Marvel’s past such as Infinity Gauntlet, starting with the creative team of Ron Martz and Ron Lim, who worked on many of those same stories (including an unforgettable Silver Surfer Course). With that premise, it’s likely there will be plenty more winks, references, and callbacks, thanks to the unlikely team-up between Surfer and Thanos.

In truth, Surfer had no reason to worry seeing Thanos’ gesture, as the only creatures present at the time of the snap that erased half the universe were Mephisto and Mistress Death. The former Herald of Galactus would be unaware of the significance of the gesture, but this sequence is still a nice reference that the writers made to both the classic story that defined the character of Thanosand the more recent success of the MCU franchise.

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