The 10 Best Marvel Legacy Heroes, Ranked

Marvel hasn’t embraced legacy heroes nearly to the same extent as their distinguished competitors, but has made up for it in recent years. Marvel has created unique heroes and used their iconography to introduce readers to new characters who have played a significant role in the Marvel Universe. Many of these characters started out as sidekicks before becoming their own, and some of them even took over from their heroic ancestors.

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A look at the modern Marvel Universe reveals many incredible legacy heroes. They come from all corners and have claimed the future of Marvel, ensuring great stories for decades to come.

ten War Machine was one of Marvel’s first replacement heroes

Iron Man war machine.

War Machine holds a special distinction in Marvel history. James Rhodes was Tony Stark’s pilot before replacing him as Iron Man. It was one of the first times Marvel replaced one of their great heroes, and Rhodes would prove to be a popular character. Eventually, he would take up the mantle of War Machine and go his own way.

As War Machine, Rhodes joined the Avengers West Coast and fought alongside some of the greatest heroes around. He rose to fame for the MCU, and while he’s not as important to the current Marvel Universe as he should be, he’s still a fantastic character.

9 Scott Lang took the Ant-Man mantle and made it his own

Scott Lang dodges bullets on top of an ant

It’s not often that one character can take over for another and completely replace them in the eyes of fans, but Scott Lang pulled it off. Taking over as Ant-Man, Lang essentially retired the role of initiator Hank Pym altogether in that hardly anyone thinks of Pym when they think of Ant-Man. Lang essentially eclipsed its predecessor in every way.

Lang’s sense of humor and status as a family man set him apart from the heroes, and he even has his own legacy in his daughter Cassie. On top of all that, his MCU version is played by Scott Rudd, which invalidates all other arguments.

8 Rachel Summers is unfairly excluded from the legacy conversation

Rachel Summers from X-Men

Rachel Summers is an interesting character in that most people forget she’s a legacy. Starting out as Phoenix, the alternate universe daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey, made a name for herself as a member of the X-Men before moving on to the Excalibur. She would eventually return to the X-Men and take the name Marvel Girl to honor the then-deceased Jean Grey.

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Since then, she’s flipped between codenames and teams, but remains one of the most powerful and interesting mutants on the planet. She’s a rich character who deserves far more of a chance to shine than she’s had over the years.

seven Carol Danvers made Captain Marvel a modern icon

Captain Marvel‘s place in the Marvel Universe has been mostly secondary to other heroes, but Carol Danvers changed everything when she became Captain Marvel. It took her a long time to get there, as her years as Ms. Marvel were full of ups and downs, but she’s since turned Captain Marvel into a mantle that’s at the forefront of the Marvel Universe.

As one of the most powerful heroines, she is always on the front line. Much like Scott Lang, she has completely appropriated the title of Captain Marvel, eclipsing her deceased mentor in every way and even creating her own legacy.

6 The Winter Soldier proved that rules can be broken

Cover of The Winter Soldier.

Bucky Barnes has changed a lot since his debut, and his success as the Winter Soldier was something no one could have predicted. For years, there was an unwritten rule at Marvel that Bucky stayed dead, but writer Ed Brubaker ignored it and did the unthinkable, bringing Bucky back as a villain. Fans ate it, and eventually, the Winter Soldier would reform and take up the mantle from Captain America.

Since then, the Winter Soldier has become a big part of the Marvel Universe. The character’s successes have moved beyond the comics in the MCU, and his role in the comics has fluctuated. Fans love him and he’s proven to be almost as iconic as his former mentor.

5 Mile Morales became a multimedia star

Miles Morales in his new Spider-Man suit

There are few Marvel success stories as great as that of Miles Morales. Taking over for the Ultimate Universe version of Peter Parker after his death, he would appropriate the mantle of Spider-Man before joining the main Marvel Universe after Secret Wars. Since then, he has proven to be an important and entertaining member of the superhero community.

Miles hit it hard in a way that few new Marvel characters have. He was the star of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, one of the most popular and beloved Spider-Man movies, and has its own video game. He’s helmed solo books, joined teams, and proven himself a worthy heir to the Spider-Man name.

4 Monica Rambeau was the most successful Captain Marvel

monica rambeau

Carol Danvers has brought the Captain Marvel mantle to the fore, but she’s not the most successful Captain Marvel. That accolade belongs to the second Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau. Monica’s powers make her perhaps the most powerful Captain Marvel, and she even led the Avengers, the first African-American woman to lead the team.

Monica was replaced by Mar-Vell’s son as Captain Marvel and has gone through a succession of codenames ever since. While she hasn’t been a big deal in the Marvel Universe for the past few years, that hasn’t changed how awesome she is.

3 Ms. Marvel jumped to lead the Legacy line of characters

Ms. Marvel fights in Jersey City

Ms. Marvel is another great legacy character achievement from the 2010s. One of the only characters to successfully survive the abortive push of the Inhumans, Ms. Marvel persevered due to a character’s closeness and interest. which is. Picking up the old discarded mantle of her favorite superhero Carol Danvers, she immediately caused a stir.

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Readers raved about her adventures, and she rose like mercury on a hot day. Her extraordinary powers and great attitude make her a joy to read, and she is also the first major Muslim superhero. She is a pioneer and her popularity is undeniable.

2 Wolverine has taken on his father’s mantle and created a whole new fanbase

Laura Kinney began her time as X-23. Considered a clone for years, she was eventually revealed to be Wolverine’s daughter and succeeded her father after his death. Her time as Wolverine made her a fan favorite. By being put on the big stage, she showed how great she could be and gained a legion of fans.

Although Laura was demoted to X-23 when Wolverine first returned, she has since taken up the mantle and joined the X-Men. Stepping into a mantle like Wolverine and thriving is a major achievement, and she pulled it off, creating a new Marvel icon.

1 Sam Wilson’s Time As Captain America Proved He Was The Greatest

Sam Wilson as Captain America holding the flag during AXIS

Sam Wilson began his superhero career as the Falcon, working with Captain America. Eventually, he joined the Avengers and became a true partner to Cap instead of just a sidekick. He’d get his chance on the big stage as Captain America, putting his money where his mouth is and showing the world what he can do.

Sam Wilson is one of the most accomplished heroes around, and his stint as Captain America was just the icing on the cake. As Captain America, he brought a unique perspective to the role of an African American man, and his upcoming return to the role has fans excited.

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