The 10 Strongest Ms. Marvel Villains In The Comics

Since her debut, Ms. Marvel has proven herself to be a strong and capable heroine. She faced tough foes, including old friends. The Inhuman hero has taken on some of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, all while trying to survive high school and navigate his family.

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While Ms. Marvel has faced some powerful foes, she’s also fought her fair share of unusual villains in the mix, including a bird clone of inventor Thomas Edison. No matter who she faces, Kamala is ready for a tough fight and won’t give up until the battle is won.

ten Kaboom is a powerful Inhuman

Like Kamala, Kaboom gained his powers from the Terrigen Mists. An incredibly powerful Inhuman, she can generate and manipulate electricity through electrokinesis. When using her power, Kaboom crackles with electrical energy and can generate powerful explosions and shields. Electric powers are very difficult to challenge, making Kaboom a powerful foe to face. Ms. Marvel couldn’t get near Kaboom and had to get creative to take down the villain. To secure victory, Kamala pushed her powers to a new level and punched harder than she had ever done before.

9 Kamran cheated on Kamala with kindness

Kamran may not be as strong as some villains Kamala has fought, but his seemingly good nature has allowed him to sneak into Kamala’s life. Kamran can generate and manipulate biokinetic energy, releasing powerful blasts of energy. Kamran could also discharge energy into objects and people. This overloads them, causing them to explode.

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After an early friendship and a budding romance, Kamala discovered that Kamran was a villain with questionable morals. It’s always hard to face a friend, but Kamala put her feelings aside and brought Kamran down. In a notable confrontation, she grabbed a charged object Kamran threw at her and threw it back at him, turning her own powers against him.

8 Zzzax controls brain waves

Zzzax is made of pure electricity, can generate powerful blasts of electricity, and change size and strength by absorbing different amounts of electricity. Zzzax made his comic book debut as the first Hulk villain, but he’s also gone up against heroes like Ms. Marvel and the Champions.

Zzzax is a very dangerous enemy to fight. His ability to control electricity means he can also influence brainwaves, causing allies to turn on each other and do the dirty work for him. An enemy that can enter the hero’s mind will always be formidable. In fact, Ms. Marvel and Viv Vision were killed fighting Zzzax, until Mephisto rewinds time to save them.

seven CRADLE comes for teenage superheroes

CRADLE stands for Child Hero Recognition and Disruption Law Enforcement. The agency has a vast army of agents and soldiers, and they have the power of the United States government behind them. They use a lot of advanced technology to counter the powers of their targets.

These targets include Champions. CRADLE exists to make sure teenage superheroes, like Ms. Marvel, don’t break the law. However, they often get in the way when trying to help. Armed with high-tech weaponry, they proved so formidable that the Champions had to coordinate their efforts to get away.

6 Hydra can never be truly defeated

Hydra may be known as one of Captain America’s villains, but Ms. Marvel clashed with them during her time with the Champions. Hydra is a powerful foe that any hero has to deal with, especially for a newer hero like Ms. Marvel. They have a vast arsenal of advanced weaponry and nearly limitless resources.

Hydra’s violent nature makes it a fearsome entity to face, even for more experienced heroes like Captain America. As most Marvel fans know, part of what makes Hyrda so strong is that she will always come back to fight.

5 The High Evolutionary is an Advanced Enemy

The High Evolutionary has appeared as a villain in numerous Marvel titles, including Ms. Marvel. This genius villain is gifted in genetics and he can create or refine any being as he wishes. He also has a highly advanced exoskeleton that protects him from harm.

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Unfortunately, this suit also protects him from Ms. Marvel’s blows. Facing an enemy resisting his strength presented a unique problem for Kamala, who often relies on this power to prevail. In the end, it took the combined effort of the Champions and Avengers to defeat the High Evolutionary.

4 Stormranger is a variant of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel has an evil doppelganger from a different reality, Stormranger. This incredibly powerful variant was created when an alternate version of Kamala bonded with a Kree nano suit. She possessed all the same powers as Ms. Marvel of 616, had a nanite body that could interface with any technology, and could produce all kinds of weapons.

Fighting someone who knew all of her powers and abilities proved difficult for Kamala, especially when her doppelganger had nanite technology on her side. To win, Kamala put aside their battle and used her words to convince Stormranger to stand down.

3 Kang the Conqueror is a regular enemy

Kang the Conqueror is a powerful supervillain in Marvel comics and is about to show off his powers in the MCU. Kang can time travel, giving him advanced knowledge of future technology. Thanks to his armored suit, he is protected from most forms of attack, including Kamala’s powers.

Kamala has fought Kang the Conqueror on more than one occasion. Although not as famous as Thanos, Kang has proven himself to be a formidable foe, thanks to his determination and desire for power. It’s possible fans will see Kamala take on Kang in the MCU, just like she did in the comics.

2 Captain Marvel went from friend to foe

Captain Marvel is Ms. Marvel’s hero. When Kamala first got her powers, it was Carol she tried to emulate. Carol Danvers was incredibly powerful, could deal massive damage with cosmic blasts, could fly, and she could manipulate matter and energy.

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Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel were friends at first, with Carol acting as a mentor for Kamala. Unfortunately, during the events of Second Civil War by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, the two found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. For a short time, Captain Marvel became a powerful villain in Ms. Marvel history.

1 Thanos faced the champions

Thanos is one of the most fearsome villains in the Marvel Universe, and he’s taken down some of the toughest heroes. Thanks to his incredible strength and endurance, he is a formidable opponent to face. When he possesses the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones, Thanos’ powers over reality become almost god-like.

In Countdown to Infinity: Champions #2 – by Jim Zub, Emilio Laiso, Andy Troy and Clayton Chowles – Thanos came after Ms. Marvel and the other champions. He destroyed the Ironheart Armor with a single blow and proved to be the most powerful enemy Ms. Marvel had ever faced.

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