The 10 Toughest Marvel Heroes (With The Softest Hearts)

Marvel heroes are known to be very down-to-earth. Sometimes the toughest of them are some of the softest, even though they certainly don’t seem that way on the outside. Being a superhero isn’t easy, and the people who enter this profession are all good people in some way, hiding it all behind an armor of swagger. Some go further than others, their tough exteriors hiding soft hearts that motivate their acts of heroism.

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Not only do these heroes often have tough exteriors, but they are some of the most powerful heroes in the universe. Their softness is matched only by their toughness, which saves the day whenever the chips are down.

ten Colossus has a body of steel and a heart of gold

Colossus was recruited by the X-Men as a young man, his mutant ability to transform his body into a super-powered organic steel titan making him the strongest member of the team. He hit it with Blob and the Juggernaut, and he performed some impressive feats of strength. He’s a frightening presence on the battlefield, but that’s not who he is at all.

Colossus has always been among the nicest X-Men. He prefers farming and painting to fighting and is very fond of his friends and family. He is always there for the people around him. He would prefer a life without violence, and that’s what he fights for: to end violence against the people he loves.

9 The power of Silver Surfer is matched only by its purity

Norrin Radd sacrificed his life on Zenn-La in order to stop Galactus’ rampage and became the Power Cosmic-empowered Silver Surfer. He acted as herald of the World Devourer for a time before rebelling and joining the heroes of Earth. Since then, the Sentinel of the Spaceways has saved billions of lives, working hard to protect the powerless all over the universe.

The purity of Silver Surfer is its defining trait. He cares deeply for every living being; even when he was the herald of Galactus, he tried to find uninhabited planets to eat. He is a loving person and an unparalleled protector of the innocent.

8 Captain America will never stop fighting the good fight

Even before becoming a super-soldier, Steve Rogers had the heart of a hero. He was a man who believed in the ideals of the United States, his desire to fight the Nazis coming from a place of wanting to save everyone. Since becoming Captain America, Steve Rogers has more than proven just how sweet he is, with his only reason to fight being how much he cares about everyone.

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Watching Captain America with civilians shows that. He always takes his time to talk to children and teach them. He’s nice to everyone he meets who doesn’t try to kill him, and even then he’s willing to give anyone a chance to become better at life.

seven Spider-Man’s Sense of Responsibility Shows How Tender He Can Be

Spider-Man faces the most terrifying villains with a smile. He’s the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, a hero just as likely to swoop in and save a cat as he is to beat up bank robbers. Spider-Man fights evil out of a sense of responsibility given to him by his uncle Ben, whose death he caused. Spider-Man’s sense of responsibility and the way he carries himself through life show just how sweet he is.

Peter Parker cares deeply for his elderly aunt and is willing to sacrifice everything for her. His sense of responsibility pushes him to put his life on hold to protect those who cannot protect themselves. He is a generous person and a great friend to everyone.

6 Deadpool is a sweetheart for a brutal killer

Deadpool is known for his sense of humor and capacity for gruesome violence. He’s also desperate for friendship in a puppy-like way, trying to ingratiate himself with the people around him in order to find a connection. Deadpool may have no problem killing, but underneath it all, he’s just a lover of swords.

This is most evident when Deadpool is surrounded by someone like Wolverine or Spider-Man. He just wants to be accepted by the people he admires. He wants to be heroic. He deeply loves his daughter, showing how kind he is.

5 Jean Gray is the mother of the X-Men

Omega-class mutants are the most powerful on the planet. Even among this rarefied number, Jean Gray is feared. His telepathy is second only to Charles Xavier, and his telekinesis can shatter mountains. She can be extremely scary when she needs to be, but she’s also one of the nicest people you can meet. She survived terrible trauma but never lost her kindness.

Jean Gray is often the X-Men’s secret weapon, but she’s also the team’s mother when the mission is over. She completely loves her teammates and is an excellent teacher. She is a wonderful mother to her many alternate reality children and the heart and soul of the X-Men.

4 Captain Marvel’s tough exterior hides a big softy

Captain Marvel has taken a long journey through the superhero community, gaining more power and prestige. She’s as tough as can be and has defeated a who’s who of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. On the outside, she’s one of the toughest heroines, but on the inside, she’s sweet like few others.

Captain Marvel has a love for her friends that informs her superhero work. She feels things much more deeply than she lets on, falling back on the military stoicism rooted in her to stay “strong”. However, her greatest strength has always been her tender heart.

3 Hercules has a loud love for life

The Olympians aren’t as well known as the Asgardians, but they’re still quite powerful. Hercules is the most prominent Olympian and is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve. Hercules is a loud person with a zeal for life and everything in it. He is a generous person who has no problem throwing away when he needs to protect those around him.

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Hercules loves everything in life. He is good-natured and would rather love than hate, but he will squash hate whenever it comes. Hercules doesn’t even try to hide his softer side, as he informs everything he does, both as a hero and as a person.

2 Thor is the nicest of the Vikings

Thor has faced the universe’s most dangerous villains. He is a born warrior, a Viking god as at home on the battlefield as anywhere else. Thor is an intimidating presence, a mountain of man with a huge hammer. This intimidation is revealed, however, when he is with the Avengers after the battle or when interacting with the people he saves.

Thor cares about the people of Midgard. The arrogant god of Asgard has grown into a hero who cares deeply about the people around him in a way that has surprised everyone who has known him in the past. Thor fights the good fight because he cares.

1 Wolverine is surprisingly sweet

Wolverine is the best at what he does, and sometimes he’s the sweet resident of the X-Men. Wolverine’s gruff exterior and swagger belie a man who just wants to make sure no one suffers like he did. He craves company, but he pushes people away because the people he loves are often killed. Once Wolverine lets people in, he’ll do anything to protect them.

Wolverine will do anything to protect those he loves. He is known for taking young mutants under his wing and teaching them how to defend themselves. Wolverine may be a cold-hearted killer, but he’s also a big softy under all the blood and adamantium.

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