The best Cobra Kai team will be Chozen and Johnny

With Season 5 of Cobra Kai impending, fans are excited to see the expanding cast interaction on both sides. After Terry betrays Kreese, the Cobra Kai dojo brings in Kim Da-Eun to make Tory even more aggressive. They just might form a partnership to knock the Miyagi-Do guys out of the arena, which would sure be a breath of fresh air in a male-dominated franchise.

Of course, it’s possible to see more of Daniel and Johnny teaming up, along with a range of permutations and combinations of their loadouts: Hawk, Miguel, Sam, and even a returning Robby. These group situations add dynamism and flair to the show regardless of the competitions. However, considering alpha personalities and attitudes, the best upcoming dynamic duo might actually be Johnny and a new character in California.

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Chozen will arrive from Japan to help Daniel improve his dojo. Considering Chozen has some old Miyagi secrets that even Daniel didn’t know about, this is a much appreciated addition. Luckily, he’s changed his ways, maturing a lot and helping Daniel free his mind from the past, so it’ll be exciting to see what he brings to the table.

But clips showed that instead of taking Daniel to Terry’s dojo for a fight, he will be accompanied by Johnny. Now, this has immense potential because Chozen was just as toxic as Johnny was back then, to the point that he considered himself an apex predator, and Daniel the prey, when the American teenager came to Japan. This new climate and the venom of Team Terry could now find Chozen tapping into that old rage, him and Johnny feeding off each other.

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Their machismo and testosterone would feel more organic than when Johnny and Daniel team up, and could also see Chozen teaching Johnny forbidden moves instead. After all, he knows that Daniel is on the pure side of things, while Johnny is more risk and bravado. As such, they could become violent weapons, do the dirty work, and be the enforcers that Daniel can’t afford to be.

Daniel has his public image, his car dealership, and his high reputation in the community, which would allow Johnny to use Chozen as the Kreese master wanted to be, so they could clean up the valley as they pleased. Admittedly, this may leave Daniel worried that the duo will undo the good work they’re trying to do. But as a restless Johnny would say, guys like him and Chozen are meant to go wild.

There’s a chance it could backfire, and someone like Kim Da-Eun could teach them a lesson. But chances are Chozen will help instill discipline in Johnny, which will in turn encourage him to lash out a little more against Terry’s crew. In the end, they feel like kindred spirits, allowing Cobra Kai to unleash them fully on their karate-loving villains who might deserve more brutal treatment than Daniel is willing to inflict.

Cobra Kai Season 5 premieres September 9 on Netflix.

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