The biggest news from the game of September 27, 2021


Monday was a bit slow as September enters its last week before the scary season. There are, however, a few more things to discover.

The biggest news - 9_27

Monday was a bit slow as September enters its last week before the scary season. However, there is still some information that is worth checking out, including updates on The Last of Us HBO series, Halo Infinite, Horizon Forbidden West, The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix, and rumors about Game titles. Boy heading to the Switch Online library.

Here are the biggest gaming news for September 27, 2021.

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First look at Joel and Ellie from the Last of Us HBO series revealed


We got our first official glimpse of The Last of Us HBO series today, although it may be better labeled as a tease than a preview. A photo of Joel and Ellie looking away from the camera is all we’ve been given, but it’s certainly still enough to get The Last of Us fans excited.

Latest PS5 firmware update reportedly improves performance of some games

Sony PS5 and PS4 logo

In addition to the extended storage, the latest update to the PS5 would also improve game performance, with titles tested like Control and Devil May Cry 5.

The big news from Naughty Dog is that there is no major news on TLOU2 multiplayer


In today’s “no news is always news,” it looks like fans are hoping that a multiplayer component will be added to The Last of Us: Part 2 should probably stop holding their collective breath, as Naughty Dog is unlikely to add anything. Maybe a standalone version of Factions is still in the cards, though.

Halo Infinite’s grappling hook is used for awesome Spider-Man trick shots

halo in

Looks like the trick shot content creators are about to feast on when Halow Infinite takes the plunge with their awesome grappling hook. The Repulsor is also another weapon worth watching out for when it comes to throwing traps.

Resident Evil 4 VR launches October 21 exclusively on Oculus Quest 2

Resident evil 4 vr shooting a zombie with a pistol as it charges with one arm raised

The iconic Resident Evil 4 will launch again, but this time in virtual reality and exclusively for the Oculus Quest 2

Insomniac may be working on a Marvel multiplayer PS5 exclusive

Wolverine miles and venom

via Insomniac

Could a multiplayer Marvel game make its way to the PS5? This is apparently a possibility with Insomniac Games – the studio behind the overwhelmingly successful Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales games, as well as the upcoming Wolverine game – rumored to be attached to it.

Bayonetta 3 creator asks fans to ask Nintendo to release game on other platforms

Bayonetta stands with a purple pistol balanced up

The creator of Bayonetta 3 wants fans to tell Nintendo to release the highly anticipated game on other platforms, saying in a tweet: “The chances of Bayo 2 and Bayo 3 being ported to PS5 and XBOX are not zero… Nintendo has just decided. Please do your best and continue to send enthusiastic requests to Nintendo.

Don’t panic, Nintendo Switch is still getting Game Boy titles according to insiders

game boy color nso expansion pack

via Nintendo

While no mention was made during last week’s Nintendo Direct, insiders still believe Game Boy titles will always make their way to Nintendo Switch Online.

Netflix has released several trailers for The Witcher season 2

The Witcher Netflix Season 2 Clips

In addition to confirming that a season three has already been lit, Netflix has released several new trailers for season two of The Witcher.

Guerilla Games Says There Are “Unexplored Resources” In PS4 To Improve The Aloy Model In Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy - via Sony

Bastien Ramisse, lead character artist at Guerilla Games, said in an interview that there is still untapped potential to improve Aloy’s character model on PS4.

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