“The DC/Marvel crossover is more possible than ever now”

Fans have been asking for a DC/Marvel crossover for as long as possible. The comics may have already given us a team-up between the two franchises, but the day remains when audiences can see their live-action superheroes battle villains together. The competition between Marvel Studios and DC Studios has made it extremely difficult to see a potential crossover that could blend the two universes.

Raven, Zatana and Scarlet Witch on the cover of a crossover comic

This fan wish could finally be fulfilled with the appointment of James Gunn and Peter Safran as the new CEOs of DC Studios, formerly known as DC Films. Succeeding Walter Hamada who resigned before Black Adam‘s release, the implication of having a director who occupies an essential place with the two franchises could be the solution.

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A DC / Marvel crossover in preparation because of James Gunn?

Nightwing and Spider-Man soar through the skies

james gunn is famous for his leadership of guardians of the galaxy trilogy as well as The Suicide Squad, has now taken the helm of DC Studios with producer Peter Safran. Given that the director has ties to both franchises, insider source Daniel Richtman reportedly said the possibility of a crossover between the two happening is higher than ever.

Nova and Green Lantern fight together in the comics

Richtman also reportedly predicted Noah Centineo’s involvement in black adam like Atom Smasher and has been a trusted source for a long time. The comics have seen many Marvel and DC crossovers, from Hawkeye joining the Justice League to Superman taking on Mjolnir and using Captain America’s shield; the teams were endless. Now, seeing the direction DC could be heading in, it’s very likely that the franchise will shake Marvel’s hand and mix and match superheroes as well as villains.

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A Marvel-DC Crossover Could Be Happening, But Do Fans Really Want It?

DC/Marvel Crossover
Red Hood and The Winter Soldier support each other in the comics

Speculation about this crossover is still very new as James Gunn has yet to begin his job as CEO from November 1, 2022. While on the one hand, Stan Lee was the closest to any form of crossover with his cameo in The Teen Titans Go! At the movie theater, there was no interaction between the two multiverses on the big screen.

The fire between the fans of the two franchises is only growing and even though the likes of Kevin Feige and James Gunn would like to see a project like this happen, the conflict between the fans could still prove to be an obstacle. Some call this possibility the best news ever, because a project like this could be much bigger than Avengers: Endgame Where Avengers: Secret Wars.

For now, this crossing is just a slim chance that cannot be confirmed or ignored. The project could be a movie or a TV series and it could be a Justice League vs Avengers project or the two teams could even join forces.

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