The LOVE AND THUNDER writer was unaware [SPOILER]Mid-credits scene cameo

Thor: Love and Thunder Writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson addressed the film’s mid-credits scene, confirming that the character’s MCU debut surprised her when she sat down to watch the sequel…

Thor: Love and Thunderthe low 2 hour run time meant it had to cram in a plot of the story and writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has been tasked with helping Taika Waititi achieve her vision. Given the filmmaker’s habit of going off-script, we have to imagine that was easier said than done, though it feels like several major scenes and subplots left on the cutting room floor.

This could help explain the mixed response to the Thor: Ragnarok sequel, but there was still a lot to love about the blockbuster. Among those moments was the MCU debut of Hercules, with Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein playing the Olympian.

Speaking to Variety, Robinson confirmed the stinger was a surprise to her and not a moment she wrote into the film. “I saw this at the premiere with everyone,” admits the writer. “The same way I guess Taika didn’t know Thor was coming back, I didn’t know Roy Kent was Hercules.”

“I knew we were talking about Hercules. Hercules’ name didn’t come up in conversations that I definitely wasn’t supposed to hear, but I did,” She keeps. “So the minute I saw the start of the scene, I knew he was going to talk to Hercules. I didn’t know who they had chosen. But I thought to myself, is this going to be Hercules? I just knew it was one thing they were like, ‘We’re going to want some wiggle room with this, so stay away from this.'”

During the same interview, Robinson revealed that Thor: Love and Thunder opened with Jane Foster’s cancer diagnosis instead of Gorr the God Butcher’s origin. She didn’t share any other deleted scenes and confirmed that there are currently no plans that she knows of for her to return to the MCU.

As for Hercules, it looks like Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has big plans for the character. Whether he will return in the next Thor movie or elsewhere remains to be seen, but it looks like the warrior is on his way to Earth. A popular theory is that the Lost God will eventually join the Thunderbolts.

Thor: Love and Thunder now playing in theaters.

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