The Marvels just codenamed Captain Marvel’s Warbird to a new hero


The Marvels’ newest hero carries one of Captain Marvel’s old codenames, but it’s unclear which side this overpowered character really sits on.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for The Marvels # 5, available now from Marvel.

Wonders took readers on a journey through time and around the world, a journey that brought together heroes and villains from all eras in a mystery that covers them all. Not only have some of the weirdest and oldest characters in Marvel history been in the spotlight, but the new ones have time to shine as well. Of all the new faces on display, one has managed to stay almost completely hidden so far. And now a new Warbird has taken flight Wonders # 5, by Kurt Busiek, Yildray Cinar, Richard Isanove and Simon Bowland.

The impenetrable black dome that encapsulated the nation of Siancong is more than just a barrier to entry, but also a powerful weapon in its own right. Those caught in his path when he fell lost their lives, and so far the few who managed to survive have not fared much better. In the case of the agents of Atlas’ Aero, the effect of hitting the dome left his arm to die off at a rapid rate. Fortunately, thanks to quick thinking and the application of his aerokinetic abilities, the hero managed to prevent the infection from spreading, even though time is running out. Just when she needs it most, Aero is approached by a mysterious new character who swoops down on massive wings to lend her a hand. Aero suggests returning to his own team, but his enigmatic ally takes them to the Avengers for help instead. They might not know who this new hero is, but they are quite familiar with the name Warbird.

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The heroes Warbird stumbles upon are more than a little shocked to see her, though their concerns about the alien invading their space are quickly averted once they realize how bad things are for Aero. . Even more disturbing than the intrusion is the fact that Warbird herself doesn’t even realize how she was manipulated by outside forces to get to where she is. As far as she knew, she and Aero could have waited idle for days in a sort of trance until the Avengers were close enough to call. Between that and her title, the others don’t have much to do to judge their new acquaintance – especially when the latter is so far removed from the Warbird they know best.

There have been several characters named Warbird over the years, but the only one who stood out as a true superhero was none other than Carol Danvers. Fans know her best today as Captain Marvel, but that’s far from Carol’s only nickname. When she first entered the world of superheroes for herself, Carol was called Ms. Marvel. Eventually Carol would trade that coat for Binary’s, but that was in the 1998s. Avengers # 4 by Kurt Busiek and George Perez that she would take on the role of Warbird first. After exhausting the vast majority of her cosmic energies while saving the world, Carol spent several months in Avengers Mansion recovering from the physical toll that the invigorating sun itself had put on her. While his career as a Warbird didn’t last particularly long, it did set a precedent for the name, one that the later Warbird seeks to rewrite entirely.

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It’s still not clear if the new Warbird is a friend or an enemy. Thankfully, her insistence on traveling to Siancong alongside Captain America’s team would imply that she is indeed a new ally to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The extent of her abilities is not yet known, but there is no doubt that she will be a valuable asset in the battle ahead. Hopefully, she also has some idea of ​​what the Avengers are currently lacking, or at least some idea of ​​what they’re really up against.

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