The superhero could bring Gohan back to the heights of his cell saga

Dragon Ball Super is apparently setting the stage for Gohan to return to his Cell Saga roots with the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! The new movie is the first new Dragon Ball Super anime in four long years, and it’s exciting to see not just for that alone, but for the fact that Gohan and Piccolo are featured as the film’s main strengths. Ever since the Majin Buu saga seemed to take down Gohan, the fighter has never been the same since. But that could change very soon with the new movie.

It’s no secret that Gohan started taking the action in the Majin Buu saga, and took even more of a fall during the events of the Dragon Ball Super anime. But with recent events in the manga and the new movie teasing not only Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 abilities, but also his Ultimate Gohan state, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is apparently making the effort to bring Gohan back to his Cell Saga roots. where he was at his strongest point in the series as a whole. This is especially evident in the new merchandise art for the film, as noted by @SLOplays on Twitter:

Gohan’s fans have been asking him to return to full-time combat ever since he started sitting in the back for the duration of Dragon Ball Super, and were only teased about his return. as he regained his power for the Universe Survival Arc. But it seems his statement to maintain that level of power in the anime has been followed over the years, as he most likely trains Pan alongside Piccolo. At the very least, he trains with Piccolo in some way.

This comes to fruition with Gohan’s return sporting the Piccolo look again, and this return to form has been reflected in the teases of his power we’ve seen so far. With new androids appearing in the new movie, it’s no coincidence that Gohan is returning to that kind of self he once had in the original Android saga. Let’s just cross our fingers that this is a change that will last. But what do you think?

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