The White Knight saw Dick Grayson betray Batman

In the Batman: The White Knight Universe, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson had one of their most controversial relationships of all time. In many DC stories, cartoons, and even the Titans show, they always ran into conflict, which was why Dick usually turned into Nightwing. And like clockwork, there was a lot of resentment in this area, with Dick often questioning Bruce’s value as a father.

Still, he stuck to the mission, which is why even after the Bat turned himself in and went to prison for war crimes against Gotham, Dick worked to uphold the law. However, in Batman: Beyond the White Knight #2 (by Sean Murphy, Dave Stewart, and AndWorld Design) time has left their relationship fractured beyond repair, resulting in Bruce being the recipient of the ultimate betrayal.

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Dick got heated in this chapter, Jason Todd emphatically freed Bruce from Stonegate prison. He ordered Duke to use his GTO privilege to arrest Jason, but Duke shot him, making it clear that Dick was oppressive without proof. Duke and Dick eventually parted ways because the former hated the way Dick ran this military cult.

This rage motivated Dick, who later found an escaped Bruce and hurled verbal insults. He disparaged the bat, calling it a failure and ignoring how Bruce revealed that Derek Powers had the Beyond suit stolen. Unfortunately, Dick was a sidekick to Powers, loving the funds he donated to the GTO, even though the police and other arms of the city suffered. This broke Bruce because Dick spat on their principles, believing that a state of fear trapping everyone quickly was more effective than vigilantes catching criminals in what would be a longer crusade against war.

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Their argument culminated when Dick put on his mecha-Bat suit and beat Bruce up. With his Kevlar armor and his electric baton, the super-cop was stronger, faster and much more vehement in his blows. Bruce was hammered by this relentless onslaught, but luckily only the Joker AI hologram Bruce saw helped him find a weak spot. The ex-Bat may have shocked and held back the ex-Robin, but it was clear that this fight had taken a significant part of his heart and soul.

He thought of Dick as a son, but this new cop was a heartless robot, lacking in compassion, empathy, and love. Bruce then left him barely conscious to continue hunting the new bat, leading fans to wonder if Dick could be redeemed. On his desk, clues were strewn suggesting that he has a family, so maybe they could pull him to the light. But as an older Barbara said when she saw him in the finale, a disgraced Dick who hates Bruce can be lost forever, which is a bitter pill to swallow indeed.

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