The X-Men’s Emma Frost Must Bring Her Chaotic Energy To The MCU

A major fixture in the X-Men comics has been quietly controlling Marvel heroes for years – proving why they’d be a perfect MCU wild card.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Devil’s Reign: X-Men #2, out now from Marvel Comics

reign of the devil was a major event in the Marvel Universe, with several of Marvel’s greatest heroes even captured by Mayor Fisk’s Thunderbolts. One of the only teams to avoid this is the X-Men, largely due to their status as an international force. But during Kingpin’s crusade against them, he proved why his biggest mutant rival should get more spotlight in other media.

Reign of the Devil: X-Men #2 by VC’s Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, and Clayton Cowles proves how powerful telepath Emma Frost works as a major wild card for the hero community – and exactly what kind of impact she’d have if she were to appear in the Marvel Universe cinematographic.

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Emma Frost’s current role as one of the world’s most powerful mutants and a staunch ally of the X-Men hasn’t always been the case. For years, Emma Frost has been a villain, serving alongside the rest of the villainous Hellfire Club as a sort of dark counterpoint to Jean Grey. It was during this period that she worked alongside the Kingpin, as reign of the devil and recent events of Marauders revealed retroactively. While Elektra was the Kingpin’s deadly agent, he would send the telepathic Frost as a “softer” option – his mutant abilities allowing him to steal information, suppress secrets, or force others to change their minds.

It turns out that Emma’s time in this position actually crossed paths with several other heroes, who may never have realized that one of Krakoa’s most important mutant figures had been actively affecting their lives. . While reflecting on his past actions in Reign of the Devil: X-Men #2, she briefly reflects on some of those encounters, which reveal that while in Kingpin’s employ, she was more than willing to target other heroes. Disguised as an Invisible Woman, Frost tricked several banks into giving away hundreds of millions of dollars, which potentially caused a number of financial crises that the Fantastic Four had to deal with over the years. She quietly ripped an unseen idea out of Tony Stark’s head and targeted She-Hulk in court – leading to a mistake that apparently cost her a case.

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Perhaps most damningly, Emma is seen confronting Nick Fury while in bed and implanting a thought – that he would “need to look the other way” when a red, white and blue weapon is deployed . Given the suggested time frame, it’s most likely referring to Nuke’s recruitment of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Daredevil: Born Again story-arc. This decision resulted in the deaths of several civilians – and Fury’s involvement may have prevented Nuke’s attack from spiraling out of control. Instead, Emma may have implicitly played a role in all of this destruction simply by making sure he had a chance to attack Matt Murdock. It’s the kind of wicked turns that would make Emma such a dangerous figure in a continuity like the MCU, serving as a secret weapon against nearly every hero.

But there are still hints of the sweetest person inside Emma. She breaks orders to help Elektra save a little girl who has witnessed their work together, and when she telepathically controls Spider-Man and sees his motives, she is quietly moved by his heroism and gives him a loving kiss on the cheek. . She even uses her powers to make sure Spider-Man saves the lives of the men Elektra is fighting at the time, allowing her to remain a hero. It’s a good hint at how Emma would eventually become a far more committed teacher than a mean one, as seen here when she wonders aloud why she’s so determined to help an orphan. It’s the perfect encapsulation of Emma’s original character – a villain who seeks control of her situation, who finds herself becoming a true mentor.

It’s the kind of unique position Emma Frost could play in the MCU, even outside of her connection to the X-Men. A beautiful and ruthless telepath who nevertheless happens to have a heart beneath her diamond-covered exterior, Emma is perfectly in character working with Kingpin and trying to save his lives. She would be an ideal introduction to what mutants are and how they can already move through the established universe scenes. Then she would be a perfect character to develop and explore in the MCU’s version of the mutant team, offering a dark point of view unlike many of the more overtly heroic team members. Reign of the Devil: X-Men proves that Emma could be a perfect character for the cinematic universe.

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A fan-favorite X-Men romance drives a mighty mutant furious - but why?

A fan-favorite X-Men romance drives a mighty mutant furious – but why?

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