Thor’s New Hulk Form Will Kill Bruce Banner

Thor’s new Hulk form takes on the Incredible Hulk and in a new preview, the combined hero does some serious damage to his creator.

Warning! Spoilers for Thor #26 by Marvel Comics

The Pontoon transformed Thor in his own version of the Jade Giant, and the combo hero doesn’t hold back in his fight against Starship Hulk and Bruce Banner. In a new preview for Thor #26 by Marvel Comics, Thor-Hulk unleashes his incredible strength and powers against the Hulk, as Odin warns Banner that if he doesn’t help him stop the Thunder God’s new form, he will die.

Seeking to bring justice to the Hulk after Bruce Banner lost control and was responsible for the deaths of 17 people in a deadly explosion in El Paso, Thor and Iron Man attempted to stop the technologically augmented monster. However, despite Tony Stark bringing his Celestial Hulkbuster into battle and Thor and Mjolnir attempting to stop the rogue hero, the Hulk’s Gamma powers exploded, leading the King of Asgard to transform into his own version of Hulk. Now the Hulk and Tony Stark must deal with the all-new combo hero – and beating him won’t be easy.


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In a new preview of Thor #26 from Marvel Comics’ Donny Cates, Martin Coccolo, Matt Wilson, and VC’s Joe Sabino, the Hulk packs a mighty punch in the fight against the suit hero. However, when the Hulk seems to have the upper hand, Thor-Hulk uses the combined powers of both heroes to come back with blows so powerful they make the Jade Giant appear weak. Thor-Hulk crushes his opponent to the ground as his incredible powers are fully deployed.

Thor Hulk Marvel Comics

Thor Hulk Marvel Comics

Thor Hulk Marvel Comics

Thor Hulk Marvel Comics

In Starship Hulk’s psyche, Bruce Banner can’t understand what’s going on outside in the fight against Thor-Hulk. Odin tells Banner that his son is killing him after turning him into a monster and that he will have to get up and help him get some sanity. Banner informs Odin that he will have to take over the driver’s seat in the control center and overtake the Hulk as the main personality running the ship. To do this, he asks a big favor from Odin.

Taking down the Gamma-powered Thor appears to be incredibly difficult, as the suit hero made quick work of the Hulk in their first fight. However, with Odin helping Bruce Banner regain control of Starship Hulk, he might be able to unleash Titan against Thor once back in command, which, while unpredictable and dangerous, might be the only solution for the Starship Hulk. Stop. the Hulk’s uphill battle continues when Thor #26 from Marvel Comics is in comic book stores and online retailers on Wednesday.

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