Tom Holland and Zendaya meet a boy who saved their sister from a dog attack and teach the Spider-Man pose


A boy, who became an Internet sensation for save his little sister from a dog attack, had earned praise online not only from internet users but also from the superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Now the real-life little hero has finally got to meet Spider-Man and hang out on the movie set with all the cast and crew.

Earlier in July, 6-year-old Bridger Walker left the world in awe of his bravery as he battled a violent canine as he protected his little sister. The child was seriously injured in the face. The little boy, who received around 90 stitches, has been praised by “Captain America” Chris Evans, “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr, “Hulk” Mark Ruffalo and more.

While some even offered him Marvel Memories, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland had promised to go out with him on the set of the third installment of his Spider-Man film series at the start of production. Like Spider-Man: No Path Home hit screens, Walker’s father Robert posted an update on Instagram confirming how Holland has kept his word.

Holland not only met the boy, he also asked if he was ready to replace Zendaya for a practice stunt. In a video shared online, Holland is in a full Spider-Man costume and hugging Bridger as they web-swing.

Watch their heartwarming interaction here:

“When we first got on set, I was a little worried that once the ‘curtain was drawn’ the magic of the movies would be lost on the children. The opposite was true! Tom, Zendaya, Harry, @lifeisaloha, @tonyrevolori and the whole cast / crew made our kids feel like stars, ”the grateful dad wrote.“ They don’t just play the role of friendly neighborhood heroes – c ‘is what they really are, ”he added.

“It was touching to see him greet the kids like he was the one who was supposed to be turned on – not the other way around,” the father said of Holland, adding that he was moved to see the Hollywood hero treat. her children with so much love.

The family added that Tom Holland also taught little Bridger, a Marvel fan, how to strike the right Spider-Man pose. The thoughtful gesture of the crew has won many hearts online.


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