Tom Holland opens up about Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man comeback


If you’re reading this, you should already know the big twists of Spider-Man: No Path Home – namely the return of former Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. It is now clear to Marvel fans that the actors involved in No way home did quite a bit of lies about who or what was involved in the movie – and to be fair, they kind of had to be doing it. Fans and the press have tracked down every actor or team member ever involved in a Spider-Man movie for answers on No way home. Well, now star Tom Holland can finally talk about what it was like working with Garfield.

Andrew Garfield, the legend himself, “Holland told” He’s a lovely guy. I think this movie was his way of making peace with Spider-Man. It was such a privilege to work with him. I know it meant a lot to him. “

Andrew Garfield got what is arguably the most brutal end of the deal in terms of three actors who have played Spider-Man in live-action movies. Garfield was recruited in the early 2010s to replace Tobey Maguire in a Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man) reboot film franchise – a franchise Sony planned to expand to cover the entire Spider-Man film universe. . However, after two Amazing Spider-Man films weren’t to fan acclaim (even though they both grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide), Sony has pulled the rug out from under them. Garfield’s webbed feet in relaunching Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man the Marvel. Cinematographic universe.

It’s no secret that Garfield was disappointed with how his franchise fizzled out; he spent years since much further away from the public and stuck to dramatic roles in arthouse films or prestige films (like this year Tick … Tick … Boom! ). What Holland said is absolutely true: much of Garfield’s performance in Spider-Man: No Path Home sounded very meta, with the actor working both on the emotions of his version of Peter Parker (after the tragic end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and his own emotions as Andrew Garfield, the middle child. from the Spider-Man movies. For Garfield fans, lines of dialogue like “I’m Peter 3!” and “I have become bitter,” hit particularly hard.

However, according to Spider-Man: No Path Home star Zendaya, Garfield (and the other boys) all found something by making this movie, together:

“It was so beautiful. [Tobey, Andrew, and Tom] care so deeply about the characters and what their characters have been, what their journey as Spider-Man has been. It was so lovely to see you all hooking up on this and being able to tell each other about such a special experience that very few people got to put on the costume. It was great to see how much you really care and support each other. It was really lovely. “

Tom Holland certainly agreed with that sentiment, saying “It’s like a brotherhood”.

Spider-Man: No Path Home is now in theaters.


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