Top 10 Best New Phase 4 Hero Costumes, Ranked

Since the start of Marvel’s Phase 4, fans have received a number of new costumes, most of which are extremely colorful and accurate, unlike the more “realistic” costumes from the first 3 Phases. Between their movies and TV shows, 20 new hero costumes have been introduced so far, with more to come!

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Comic book accuracy, mobility, and the wow factor are all important qualities for a new costume, and fans sure have a lot of thoughts on the best costumes. While Marvel has yet to let viewers down with any of their new costumes, some are better than others and worth celebrating.

ten Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

Side-by-side image of Black Widow's MCU stage four costumes

Natasha wears a white suit for the first time in Black Widow, a contrast to the usual black color scheme. This costume is practical and helps keep Natasha covered, a nice change from the usual over-sexualized costumes that female heroes are often given.

However, at the end of the film, she is back in black with a new outfit designed for style and function. For the first time, she had gear with gold accents, which is a nod to the comic book version of her traditional costume. Her new costume was practical, having perhaps learned a thing or two from Yelena, and makes her as strong and capable as she has always proven.

9 Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

Hawkeye new costume compared to the comics

After being in the MCU from the start, Hawkeye finally has a comically accurate costume. All it took was a group of enthusiastic LARPs and expert branding slash partner Kate Bishop to finally bring Clint into a version of the purple costume fans know and love.

Hawk EyeThe version of draws the most inspiration from that of Matt Fraction and David Aja in 2015 Hawk Eye version, with the purple V on the chest surrounded by mostly standard tactical gear. It’s a good mix of Clint’s practicality with Kate’s desire for the wow factor.


8 Black Widow (Yelena Belova)

Side by side image of Yelena's white suit and utility vest in Black Widow

Yelena and Natasha both wear white tactical suits Black Widow, but Yelena covers hers with her vest, which was the first piece of clothing she was able to buy after gaining free will. The suit itself is practical and strong, allowing Yelena to move easily and blend in with the snow.

Additionally, the costume is intended to look more like practical military attire than a superhero costume, as Yelena does not consider herself a superhero. In one of the best in Yelena Black Widow quotes, she mocks Natasha for the habits she picked up as a member of the Avengers, so it makes sense that her costume should focus on function rather than style.

seven Then a

Thena’s costume is all gold, which is a risk with her platinum hair. The suit could easily become dull compared to more vibrant suits in The Eternalsbut because it matches the character’s powers, the costume actually does a good job of showing where the powers come from and honoring them.

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The costume is also true to the comics interpretation, only missing the red cape which would be great for making the character stand out, but wouldn’t sit well with the rest of the Eternals costumes, which are largely similar to each other. others.

6 Spiderman (Peter Parker)

Split image of Peter Parker's suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home

In No coming home, after the world forgets about Peter Parker, fans can see Spider-man in the state they’re most accustomed to in comics and film interpretations – cash-strapped and working alone, rather than being the precious protege of Avenger and Tony Stark. Along with this station change, the audience sees a new costume, since Peter can no longer wear any of the Stark costumes given to him.

Unlike flashy costumes from the MCU earlier, Peter is now in a hand-stitched suit in the traditional red and blue. It’s a technological downgrade from what audiences have seen before, but it may prove to be a return to form for what fans love about the Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.

5 Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Clint isn’t the only Hawkeye to get a new costume. Kate Bishop also has her own look, a more colorful version of Clint’s outfit. While Clint’s suit has mostly darker colors for stealth purposes, Kate’s suit embraces her showy nature, with the entire top being a bright purple that draws attention to “one of the best archers in the world. “.

Although her pants are darker than in the comics, her costume is quite faithful to the more recent iterations of her character, where she wears practical clothes with a distinctive purple coloring, making her one of the things Hawk Eye was right about Kate Bishop. The only real difference is that Hawk EyeThe depiction of shows less skin, covering it completely rather than showing sections, as his comic version usually does.

4 Shang Chi

Shang-Chi’s outfit is the perfect blend of comic precision and realism, taking the color scheme and form of the comics and turning it into a dignified, movable, and beautiful costume.

The costume shows Shang-Chi’s mixed origins, with the combination of ornate decorations and tennis shoes. The sleeves are the perfect length to show off his wrists as he collects all ten rings, and to be practical for both actor and character.

3 Sylvia

While Loki hasn’t had a cohesive look in his new show, the aptly named Loki, its female variant Sylvie did just that, creating a new costume for cosplayers to eagerly recreate. She is a combination of the Enchantress and Lady Loki from the comics, and Sylvie’s detailed costume in Loki is a mix of the two, with her broken crown reminiscent of Lady Loki and the conjoined circle patterns on her outfit referencing the Enchantress.

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Additionally, there are pieces of Loki’s earlier MCU costumes woven throughout, which connect to his variant status. Altogether, the look is a great mix of comic inspirations from Loki and Sylvie.

2 The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Wanda Maximoff has had a variety of different costumes during her time in the MCU, but none hold a candle to her new Scarlett Witch outfit which debuted in Wanda Vision. Initiated reports that the outfit comes in part at the request of actress Elizabeth Olsen after she asked for a more practical and less low-cut costume than many she’s worn so far.

Despite concerns that a costume fitting this description might be boring, Wanda’s new costume is gorgeous, with the comically accurate crown and a powerful new costume. When Wanda steps into her power and adopts the new costume, there’s no doubt she’s one of the most powerful and visually impactful characters the MCU has ever seen.

1 Captain America (Sam Wilson)

Side-by-side images of Sam Wilson's Captain America costumes

After taking the entire series to decide what it means to be Captain America and whether or not Sam is ready to take on the role, viewers finally see Sam in all his Captain America glory. The costume is clearly inspired by the original and the American flag, with the familiar colors red, white and blue, but there are two major differences.

First of all, the costume’s predominant color is white, not blue, which comes across in a very comical way, sets him apart from iterations of Captain America that came before him, and accentuates his skin color as he deals with what it means to be a black captain. America. Second, the costume features a set of America-themed wings, which honors his origins as a Falcon and allows him to truly make the position of Captain America his own, rather than trying to fill in the shoes left behind. by Steve. Overall, the look is stunning and leaves an impression on fans’ memories that won’t be soon forgotten.

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