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The Unexplored The series debuted in 2007 as one of the first proprietary exclusives for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. Cover-based cinematic third-person shooter games were a departure back then for developer Naughty Dog who had previously worked on cartoon platforms such as the Jak & Daxter and Crash Bandicoot series. The Unexplored The franchise would go on to become a huge critical and commercial success with many award-winning games and further strengthen Naughty Dog’s reputation as one of the industry’s leading developers.

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In the center of the Unexplored The series is Nathan Drake, a wise fortune hunter with a knack for getting into unwanted situations. Drake is more than just a charismatic lead, however, as he’s not limited to escaping death and stealing treasure.

Spoiler warning: This listing contains spoilers for the Unexplored series.

ten Five actors have played Nathan Drake so far

Tom Holland and Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake

There have been a total of five actors who have taken on the role of Nathan Drake over the years. While most know Nolan North as Drake’s voice and motion capture actor, the role has not been exclusive to him. Billy Unger lends his voice to teen Drake in flashback footage of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Britain’s Dalton portrayed a young Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End flashback sequences.

On the live-action side, Tom Holland will play Drake in the upcoming Unexplored movie. Nathan Fillion portrayed Drake in a live-action short. Nolan North himself even portrayed a live Drake in a PlayStation 4 commercial.

9 Drake was based on Johnny Knoxville among others

Initial design by Nathan Drake and Johnny Knoxville

Nathan Drake was designed to be “everyone”, a guy who isn’t well trained or equipped for the extremes of this line of work, and often finds himself over his head. Even his fighting form was originally animated to be less than optimal to show it. When designing the character, Naughty Dog drew heavily on Donkey star Johnny Knoxville, especially with the visual design of Drake.

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Knoxville was not the only source of inspiration for Drake, as other inspirations include movie stars such as Cary Grant and Indiana Jones himself Harrison Ford.

8 Elena’s TV series was a back-up plan

Nathan Drake and Eddy Raja in Eye of Indra

The Unexplored The series kicks off with Drake discovering Sir Francis Drake’s long lost coffin. Thanks to this, he hopes to obtain answers to the expeditions of Sir Francis Drake. Because such answers require financial assistance, he enlists Elena Fisher, investigative journalist and host of the archaeological television series. Discovered.

Elena’s TV series, however, was not Drake’s foreground. As shown in the animated cartoon Uncharted: Indra’s Eye, Drake takes on the work of crime lord and antiquarian Daniel Pinkerton and is tasked with finding the last artefact of three of Indra’s artefacts, Indra’s Eye. Naturally, Drake leaves without getting paid, and the comic ends right before Drake first meets Elena.

7 Drake had other exploits outside of games

Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth cover

Beyond games and Eye of Indra, Drake had other exploits. The most notable of them comes from the novel Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth. Written by Christopher Golden, the book Drake and his mentor Sully on an adventure across the world to find out what discovery led to the death of one of Sully’s old friends.

Drake’s escapades would also be portrayed through comics in Unexplored, a six-issue miniseries published by DC Comics. This comic tells a story that takes place before the original game and depicts Drake on a journey to find the Amber Chamber, a gold Prussian chamber that disappeared after WWII.

6 Elena Fisher was not her first romance

Marisa Chase and Rika Raja

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves debuts with Chloe Frazer, a former ally of the treasure-hunting community who has a romantic past with Drake before meeting Elena. Drake also had a previous relationship with Marisa Chase, which only appeared in PlayStation Vita. Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Drake and Chase always stay in touch as there is a box in Drake’s attic, as seen in The end of a thief, with artifacts tagged to be sent to him.

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The last known previous relationship in Drake’s life is Rika Raja, the sister of treasure hunt rival Eddy Raja, of Eye of Indra. However, this relationship would be brief as Rika would double up on Drake and his brother and take Indra’s eye for herself.

5 Drake is inexperienced with video games

Elena and Nathan Drake play Playstation

In The end of a thief, players have the option to play an entire level of the original Naughty Dog Crash Bandicoot. The game and the PlayStation console on which it is played are owned by Elena. During his initial retirement from the fortune-hunting lifestyle, Elena challenges him to beat his high score. Drake takes on challenges with confidence, but quickly discovers that he doesn’t have a firm grip on the controls.

He struggles to complete the “Boulders” level of the game, and when he’s done, whether he completes the level or not, he learns that it wasn’t good enough to beat Elena’s high score.

4 There’s a reason Drake didn’t use the grapple until Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake using the grappling hook

When the gameplay of The end of a thief was first shown, Drake would use a new tool, the grappling hook. Seeing the grappling hook in action, many wondered why Drake had never used such a useful tool in his previous adventures. Naughty Dog attempted to answer this question.

The grappling hook was a gift to Drake from his brother Sam and was used in Panama as the brothers followed a trail in their early search for pirate Henry Avery’s treasure. After things took a turn for the worse, Drake believed his brother was dead. As the grappling hook reminded Drake too much of his brother, he chose to put it away instead.

3 Drake does not have an in-game health meter

Uncharted 4 combat with desaturated screen

Drake could be described as the luckiest and least fortunate character in video game history. Drake often found himself facing overwhelming death and near-death experiences. However, he would always overcome these obstacles, survive and always end up exactly where he needed to be.

This chance would also be used as a game mechanic in place of a traditional health meter. As Drake gets shot, the screen desaturates. If he doesn’t get to safety, an enemy will kill him. This was meant to be a nod to both Drake’s luck and inspiration from the show’s summer blockbusters.

2 Drake is afraid of clowns

Pennywise and Nathan Drake

For a character who has faced death, powerful enemies, and the supernatural, it’s easy to believe that Drake is a fearless man. What could possibly strike fear into the heart of someone like Drake? At the end of Among thieves, Elena asks Drake how afraid he was, on a scale of one to ten, that she would die. Drake’s response? A four, leaving Elena in disbelief.

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When asked what a ten is, Drake replied, “Clowns”. Drake has what’s called Coulrophobia, which is a fear of clowns. Drake and Elena finish Among thieves joking that Drake is afraid of clowns over Elena’s death.

1 Drake is not the descendant of Sir Francis Drake

Young Nathan Drake and Sam

In most Unexplored series, Drake would claim he was a descendant of Sir Francis Drake even though Sir Francis Drake would have no children. It is revealed in Drake’s Deception that it is not in fact. This has been explored in more detail in The end of a thief where it is revealed that Drake’s real name is Nathan Morgan. His mother, Cassandra Morgan, was an archaeologist who theorized that Sir Francis Drake actually had heirs.

After the death of his mother, his father abandoned Drake and Sam at an orphanage in Boston. After escaping, they chose to change the name they went to with the surname of “Drake” both in honor of their mother and to tell them a story.

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