We would like to speak with the manager of the horror film Cringey “Karen”


Every now and then a movie defies all logic. Enter Karen, a horror film that capitalizes on the never-ending trend of white women the worst, especially to people of color. And like Karens themselves, the film’s first trailer went viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

BET’s next original film is directed by Coca Daniels (Heart fruits) and stars Taryn Manning (Orange is the new black) as the titular terror, who has a vendetta against the black couple, played by Cory hardrict (American sniper) and Jasmine burke (Saints and sinners), which moves around the neighborhood. As if Manning SNL– the adjacent wig was not sufficiently aware of his karen-osity, the character is seen calling his brother a cop on innocent teens, threatening to call a manager and accusing his new neighbors of being angry . There’s also a Confederate Flag soap dispenser and Karen’s observation that Burke’s character is “lugging around the kitchen.” At one point, a helpful kid reminds viewers, “She doesn’t like black people. “

KarenThe seemingly complete lack of nuance when it comes to portraying racism and white privilege immediately drew contempt on social media. Shortly after the trailer released this week, Jordan peele and his Oscar-winning feature film Get out started trending as the Twitterverse pointed out that the complexity of Peele’s horror satire was nowhere to be found in the Karen trailer. Other users have referred to the irony of Manning’s casting, given his seemingly defensive background Donald trump and repeat the rhetoric of the QAnon conspiracy movement.

Despite Manning’s controversial story, she said she felt a “social responsibility to take on this role,” according to Deadline. “Even though I had to play the villain to make changes around the world, then I was more than willing to take on the role. What is happening is devastating. It’s time for change and for me to be a part of the whole it meant a lot to me. But given the very real threat posed by everyone from “Central Park Karen” to “Soho Karen”, it might have been better to leave this kind of luscious shot in the bowels of Twitter.

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