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Ms. Marvel debuts this week on Disney+, which means the reviews have started rolling in. The series introduces Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ms. Marvel is one of Marvel’s most popular and successful new characters to emerge over the past decade, to the point that she led the Marvel’s Avengers the story of the game. This means that there is a lot to be done to successfully translate it into real action for the Ms. Marvel series and his return in the next film The Marvels. According to Aaron Perine of ComicBook.com, Ms. Marvel succeeds:

Wonders maybe just around the corner, but Kamala is going to be a star before this adventure kicks off next year. Ms. Marvel lays a great foundation for the character among casual audiences. Who is she? Well, the Disney+ series maintains that she’s a hero and a pretty awesome one at that.”

But what are the other reviews saying? Reviews so far have been mostly positive, although several reviewers are concerned that Ms. Marvel will trade its freshness for the standard Marvel Cinematic Universe formula as it nears its end. Keep reading to see what the reviews are saying.

Ms. Marvel debuts on Disney+ on June 8.


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“As colorful and chaotic as a teenager’s imagination, Ms. Marvel wears its heart on its sleeve. It remains to be seen if the series will find its direction among the many subplots, and if it will deliver more super-powered action. big-screen heroes to go along with the But as the origin stories go, Ms. Marvel brings in enough new thrills to make it an enjoyable watch, both for new viewers and anyone who loves superheroes so much. than Kamala Khan.-Richard Trenholm, CBS

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“Of course, this review is based solely on the first two episodes, slated for screening by Disney. With six in total, there’s still plenty of room for twists or surprise reveals down the line – so it’s probably best not to bet on anything as a certainty until the season finale kicks off in July. That said, based on these early episodes, Ms. Marvel is a hugely fun and deeply charming watch with a cast of great new characters and a gravitas that other Disney+ MCU projects lacked.” – Mason Downey, GameSpot

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Tech Radar

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“Overall, then, Mrs. Wonder is certainly the latest in a long line of enjoyable projects from Marvel Studios. it strikes a solid balance between its multiple moving parts and the overarching mystery of Kamala Khan’s family tree is sure to enthrall and captivate audiences throughout its six episodes. Also in Iman Vellani, the MCU has a fantastic Khan/Ms. Marvel, who is sure to steal the show when she makes her Marvel Cinematic Debut in The Marvels in the summer of 2023.

“Good isn’t a thing you are; it’s a thing you do,” according to Khan’s comic book counterpart. In the case of his television series, Mrs. Wonder is certainly both.” – Tom Power, Tech Radar

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“Inevitably, ‘Ms. Marvel’ will take on the now-familiar twist of almost every other Disney+ venture in the studio and bring Kamala’s story in line with the rest of the MCU. Indeed, Vellani is set to star in ‘The Marvels’ of Nia DaCosta alongside Larson and Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau (formerly of “WandaVision”). But the looming specter of Marvel’s upcoming obligations almost makes this series, with its determination to make Kamala an individual and her neighborhood a home, an even more precious commodity. Before Kamala officially becomes Ms. Marvel and is subsumed into something bigger than herself, she just happens to be herself, and that’s more than enough.” – Caroline Framke, Variety

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Discuss the movie

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“Ultimately, the civilian aspect of Ms. Marvel is its strongest feature as the traditional superhero plot takes a back seat. Some will find it refreshing, and others will be frustrated by the absence of Marvel’s usual selling point. This story won’t exactly suit everyone, and that’s why it works. Defying expectations, Ms. Marvel brings to life a new essential character and the rich community that surrounds him. While the future of the series can sometimes seem uncertain, these introductory episodes promise just enough entertainment for an exciting first season.” – Yasmine Kandil, Discuss the movie

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“Of course, this is a show with a target audience: designed more to appeal to teenagers than adults. But for those who can take the hits from the clunky but relatable approach, there’s a lot of promise here. Kamala clearly has a bright future mapped out for her in the MCU – we have the delightful prospect of meeting Carol Danvers next year Wonders – and these early episodes are an encouraging start.” – Destiny Jackson, Empire

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“The MCU television slate continues to grow, and Ms. Marvel already makes a strong case for Kamala Khan as an exciting new addition. This coming-of-age story includes familiar elements of a teenager struggling to find the way forward. Yet the teenager’s Muslim faith and her parents’ expectations offer a new perspective. Directors Adil and Bilall immediately draw us in with strong visual flourishes, and Iman Vellani is a striking lead. AvengerCon isn’t quite on the scale one might expect, but otherwise the Disney+ series is off to a bold start.” – Emma Fraser, IGN

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“The MCU has become so reliable on the building blocks (strong actors, sharp dialogue, enjoyable characters, etc.) that it only really stands out when an offer goes against the grain (Doctor Strange 2), is exceptionally good (Shang Chi) or is aggressively evil (Eternals). Ms. Marvel is none of that, it’s an online drive to a good second base that will appeal to those specifically interested in Kamela Khan and what she stands for. The main way the show stands out is how it implicitly combines Disney intellectual property with teenage feminist rebellion.” – Scott Mendelson, Forbes

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rolling stone

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“The fact that the show can be so good at the coming-of-age part — and do it while feeling so distinct from the rest of the MCU — is to its credit. But ultimately, every Marvel project (Wanda Vision included) must become like all the others. If the superhero parts don’t get much more interesting before this point, the creative team may have done their job too well on the aspects that set their heroine apart from her costumed peers, creating a narrative imbalance that may be too much. important to be corrected. –Alan Sepinwall, rolling stone

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The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s time to stop fantasizing,” Kamala’s mother warns in a moment of frustration with her daughter’s fixation on superheroes. “I would like you to focus only on yourself. Your grades. Your family. Your story.” We can say that she is wrong on this first part. It’s not a spoiler that Kamala’s fate will be to embrace, rather than reject, her love for all things Avengers and Captain Marvel. But she’s right about the second. By letting Kamala’s story shine on her own terms, Ms. Marvel offers us what she herself has never found in all of her fangirling: the uplifting vision of a brunette Jersey City girl saving the world. -Angie Han The Hollywood Reporter


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