What is the best order to watch Marvel movies?

The wonder movies in the MCU are some of the most watched features of all time, revolutionizing the cinematic experience for fans of the superhero genre. Of Iron Man To Avengers: Endgame (and beyond), these Marvel superhero images are associated with many well-known (and some less recognizable) characters and have been very popular over the past decade.

Even when there are a few familiar heroes rebooted and remade (Hulk and Spider-Man), these Marvel characters never feel old to audiences because they are always entertaining, and the actors who play them are charismatic, capable superstars. to inject the right amount of humor and emotion into these roles. With twenty-six plus movies, viewers are probably wondering if there is a certain way to watch MCU movies. Chronological or discharge order? Much depends on the stories being told, as well as the viewers and their specific tastes in Marvel superheroes.


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Of course, it would make sense to watch every MCU movie in order of release, as nearly every feature in the MCU so far (from Phase 1 to Phase Three) is about Thanos and the Infinity Stones. Heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Guardians of the Galaxy are recurring characters, both in their respective solo franchises and in the Avengers functionality, within the MCU. As Thanos becomes the central villain of Phase Three, other villains such as Loki, Obadiah Stane, Hela, Ultron, and General Zemo are incorporated into the series, reflecting on each main hero’s journeys and the enemies they face. .

Some heroes start out in their own solo film or franchise, but characters like Black Widow are introduced in another hero’s film series (in his case, Iron man 2), which is important because Natasha’s journey is primarily with the Avengers, but her personal story is brought up throughout the MCU (especially Avengers: Age of Ultron). Nick Fury is an example of a character who started his journey with a cameo in Iron Man, and mainly played in the Avengers films without a solo movie or series of his own, similar to Wanda Maximoff and Loki (before each of their own TV series).

One of the most transformative characters in the MCU is the Bruce Banner / Hulk journey. From the dramatic portrayal of Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk, to Mark Ruffalo’s fun and energetic portrayal of the role that began with his appearance in The Avengers, it is fascinating to see how two actors took on the same role with conviction, but also in slightly different ways. Norton’s portrayal showed how Banner is used to working mostly alone and being on the run, with the Hulk constantly fighting the US government. When Ruffalo was given the role, Banner became a team player for the Avengers, and the Hulk also managed to crush large enemies.

Watching the MCU movies in order of release is essential to fully understand the sequence of events that unfold in each hero’s (and villain’s) story, especially depending on who lives and dies. It’s especially important now (with Phase Four currently underway) to watch MCU movies and series streaming in order of release, as upcoming features (such as the Spider-Man and Doctor Strange sequels) will tie into the dilemma concerning the multiverse (which began in Loki).


However, if the MCU movies were to be watched in chronological order, it would be fun if it involved comparing the Avengers based on older and younger people. Viewers can also focus on a specific hero (or a few) at a time based on each character’s respective timelines. The best example would be to analyze Captain America’s journey since he’s one of the oldest members of the Avengers (alongside Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier). This means, chronologically, Captain America: The First Avenger would be watched first before Iron Man.

Captain Marvel would be the second feature film since Carol Danvers is also an older character (although she’s probably stopped aging and looks younger than most Avengers, like Steve and Bucky). While Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Captain Marvel are perhaps three of the oldest Avengers, other heroes like Thor and Valkyrie are even older (by the thousands). Watching the movies in chronological order can also lead to an argument over which Avenger is strongest and who would win in a fight (that would likely come down to Thor, Captain Marvel, or Valkyrie in terms of divine strength).

Another example would be the most recent MCU movie, Black Widow, which takes place after Captain America: Civil War and before the last two Avengers movies, Infinity war and End of Game. Many fans believe Natasha Romanoff should have had her own solo movie or series years ago, and it could have happened after Civil war since that would be the correct order (chronologically). Also, if Natasha’s movie had been released some time ago, her emotional impact might have been different than it is today, given that she dies in End of Game.

Chronological order also allows fans to review changes based on the time period. For example, Captain America’s first film is set in the 1940s (WWII era), but features high-tech weapons (courtesy Howard Stark). While Steve Rogers and his army had cutting edge technology during this time, viewers also see (by watching the Iron Man and Avengers movies that follow) just how much the technology used to protect the globe has evolved over time and how the infinity stones were used by some heroes. There’s also the bond Rogers shares with Howard in his first film, to his feud and friendship with Howard’s son Tony Stark in later feature films.


The Marvel movies contain some of the most famous superheroes of all time. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a beloved series because it is about individuals with supernatural abilities and / or gifted, but come with responsibilities and obstacles. These movies can be watched in different ways (depending on which superheroes and movie series viewers are focusing on), but if Marvel fans want consistency and consistency, it’s best to watch them in order. Release.

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