What villains will be in a Sinister Six movie?

With a Sinister Six solo movie potentially on the horizon, let’s take a look at the villains that could make up the squad.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home, now in theaters.

In 2013, Sony Pictures announced a sinister six solo film, based on the team of supervillains united in intent to defeat Spider-Man. Although this film never came to fruition thanks to the failure of the The Incredible Spider-Man series, the idea of ​​a Sinister Six film has lived in the minds of fans and executives at Sony. Producer Amy Pascal has repeatedly suggested that the team will eventually make it to the big screen, even after the famous Marvel Studios-Sony deal has been struck.

For a long time, it was believed that the team would finally show up in Spider-Man: No Path Home, but that film’s villainous lineup ended up being limited to five main enemies. However, a Sinister Six movie can still happen thanks to the fact that Marvel and Sony have strategically placed a number of potential members throughout their films featuring Spidey-based characters. Let’s break down every potential member of Marvel and Sony’s Sinister Six, if their solo movie finally sees the light of day.

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Spider-Man's Returning Vulture

The first and most obvious potential member of the Sinister Six is ​​Adrian Toomes, also known as Vulture, who is played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming. As the leader of a group of illegal rescuers, Toomes clashes with Peter Parker on several occasions before being ultimately defeated in a clash with the young Web-Slinger. Despite seemingly overcoming his hatred for Peter, Mac Gargan comes up with the idea of ​​teaming up with Toomes in the film’s post-credits scene. Keaton has since been confirmed to reprise his role as Vulture in Morbius, apparently taking on the role of a recruiter himself.


Herman Schultz Shocker Spider Man Homecoming

Originally billed as one of Adrian Toomes’ most trusted crew members in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Herman Schultz is ultimately “promoted” as the Shocker, wielding a shock-emitting glove to fight Spider-Man. Although he stalks Peter and manages to deliver some brutal punches, Schultz is eventually defeated by the Wall-Crawler thanks to an assist from Ned Leeds. Due to his status as Toomes’ right-hand man, as well as having a history with Mac Gargan, the Shocker is a pretty obvious shoo-in to join the Sinister Six.

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Mac Gargan, better known in the comics as Scorpion, also debuts in Spider Man: Back home. He makes a deal with the vulture’s crew to purchase weapons aboard the Staten Island ferry, but Spider-Man intervenes, leading to a battle that sees Gargan sustaining serious injuries as he is knocked down. The film’s post-credits scene reveals that he survived this encounter and ended up in jail, where he asks Toomes to ally with him and a few “friends” to kill Spider-Man. So far, this setup has not been developed, so Gargan’s offer to Toomes could serve as an easy starting point if Sony and Marvel go ahead with their Sinister Six movie.


Tom Hardy as Venom

Sony’s first solo movie in their Marvel character universe was in 2018 Venom, which stars Tom Hardy as the titular half-alien anti-hero. The film ended up being a huge success, and it was followed by the 2021 one. Venom: let there be carnage. While these two films largely serve as stand-alone adventures, the latter’s post-credits scene sees Venom transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he sets his sights on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. After his cameo in Spider-Man: No Path Homeon the post-credits scene, Venom looks set to become a key member of the Sinister Six.

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Jared Leto as Dr Michael Morbius

Jared Leto is expected to star in Morbius, which will be released in January 2022. The film will follow Michael Morbius, a doctor who is trying to cure himself of a rare blood disorder, to turn into a vampire. While the plot of the film is currently unknown, trailers have shown Adrian Toomes appearing to recruit Morbius from the Sinister Six, while Jared Leto has hinted that Morbius will be part of a squad in the near future. The Living Vampire has never had an affiliation with the Sinister Six in any of his other appearances over the years, so he’s sure to bring some interesting dynamic to the team if he finds himself in its ranks.


Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio was a highlight of 2019 Spider-Man: Far From HomeSo it would make sense to bring him back in a solo Sinister Six movie, especially since he was one of the founders of the team in the comics. While the villain apparently died at the end of his debut, he’s notoriously faked his death on several occasions in the comic book’s source material, which makes his potential survival pretty believable. Mysterio’s dramatic tendencies and his arsenal of advanced illusion technology would certainly make him a dangerous threat and a useful addition to the sinister team.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now in theaters.

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