Whenever MCU Ditched a DC Comics Reference


The MCU is vast and gigantic. And he doesn’t hesitate to drop a DC Comics reference here and there. Every DC Comics reference that the MCU has ditched so far is pretty iconic (and ironic, so to speak).

Iron Man 3 – Happy Hogan calls Iron Man’s Avengers friends “super friends”

Super friends

Super Friends remains a cult animated superhero show for kids, even today. it aired from 1973 to 1986 on ABC. Despite being a DC animated show, Super Friends has become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. The show is so well respected that even the MCU can’t get over it. In Iron Man 3, Happy calls Iron Man’s friends his “super friends.” The movie – Iron Man 3, might not have lived up to it, but it did contain some Easter eggs and some pretty groovy references.

Eternals – Superman’s benchmark

Ikaris is Superman?

The scene in question occurs when Ikaris comes to visit Phastos and his family. As he lands on the lawn, Phastos’ child shouts “Daddy, it’s Superman !!” With the cloak, and you were shooting laser beams from your eyes! This is how Marvel Studios confirmed that DC Comics exists in the MCU. And that was a pretty elegant reference to DC Comics as well. Few of the Marvel Studios films have been bold enough to pull such a direct trick onto the big screens.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – The Parking Lot Interrogation Scene

Homecoming Interrogation Scene

This scene is actually quite funny. In the Homecoming scene, Spider-Man traps Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis and activates his Improved interrogation protocol. The mechanism electronically activates and distorts Tom Holland’s Peter voice, making it deep and intimidating. But on such a small body, the heavier sound with more bass only makes it more hilarious. The distorted voice technique was clearly a DC Comics benchmark. Christian Bale’s Batman used the same technique to intimidate his opponents in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

Eternals – The Alfred Connection

The clash of butlers

To top it off, Eternals didn’t end DC Comics’ benchmark barrage with this Superman bombshell. There was another DC Comics reference to a classic DC character. When Gilgamesh meets Kingo after a long time, Kumail Nanjiani’s character valet – Karun (Karish Patel) comes into the picture. Gilgamsh jokingly refers to Karun as Kingo’s “Alfred”. In DC Comics, Alfred is the trusted butler and mentor of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. So, in one movie, MCU just put a DC Comics benchmark for the two greatest DC heroes that ever existed.

Luke Cage – Luke Stopping A Car Looks Like Action Comics # 1

Luke Cage

We refuse to believe it was fluke. The show’s creators knew what they were doing. And the scene looks too strangely like a fault for people to think otherwise. It was geek lair who reported it first. In the first season, there is a scene at the start of the series where Luke lifts a car with his bare hands.

Action comics # 1

The scene evokes feelings similar to those on the cover of Action Comics # 1. Fun Fact – These days Luke Cage has about the same level of strength as the Superman of the Golden Age. Like Luke, Superman also started out as a street-level community champion before the latter moved on to bigger and grander things.

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Flash Thompson Name Drops Flashpoint

Flashpoint connection

It’s a “blink and you miss it” scene. but we assure you that it is there. After Peter Parker’s secret goes public, Flash Thompson takes to the news and introduces him as Parker’s best friend. His life story is then turned into a book called “Flashpoint”. The name of the book is the same as the iconic storyline of the comic book – The Flashpoint Paradox. The upcoming Flash movie will also feature the story arc. This DC Comics benchmark certainly takes the cake.


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