Why Butcher’s death could lead to a happy ending

The boys comics ended with the death of Billy Butcher, and the show could also kill off Karl Urban’s character but give him and the show a happy ending.

Warning: the following contains major SPOILERS for The boys comic book series that may or may not star in future episodes of the TV series. Proceed with your own caution.

The death of Billy Butcher could give The boys a happy ending if the show changes how and why this happens. Amazon Prime Video’s hit superhero satire is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. However, Eric Kripke’s show isn’t afraid to make changes to The boys‘ source material when needed. He’s still committed to bringing the general ideas of the comic to life, even if it changes the paths taken by The Boys, The Seven, and other characters. While The boys Season 3 won’t be the end of the story, there are already questions about how the series conclusion will compare to the comics.


The end of Ennis The boys The comic story included the death of Billy Butcher, who Karl Urban plays on the show. This happened after a Supe killed his dog and drove him mad with revenge. Butcher decides his best course of action is to use deadly chemical weapons to target people who are genetically more likely to develop superpowers. When the boys try to stop him, Billy kills Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and The Female. However, Hughie Campbell manages to kill Butcher before the chemical weapons are used. The boys can’t use this comic book ending without betraying many parts of the show’s story and characters, but that doesn’t mean Billy’s fate is certain.

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According to the number of deaths that The boys understands and its overall pessimistic worldview, most will expect Amazon’s superhero show to come out with a bang. The idea of ​​Billy Butcher’s death seems almost too dark for the show’s ending given his significant role, and the majority of viewers would surely be upset if it fell into Hughie’s hands. However, The boys could reverse the direction of Butcher’s death. He may have already lost his wife Becca, but his unofficial son Ryan is still there. Butcher could die protecting him and Becca’s memory. It would certainly be a heartbreaking way to end Billy’s story, but The boys could also see Hughie and Starlight agree to take care of Ryan. This would fix the ending to Hughie and Butcher’s relationship and give the series a slightly happier ending for at least a few characters.

The Ryan Butcher Boys

Billy Butcher and Ryan may not be biologically related, but The boys season 2 went out of its way to show them the bond. Butcher consoled Ryan after Becca’s death and decided it would be in the child’s best interests to go with Grace Mallory and the CIA for protection from Homelander. It is expected that The boys season 3 will continue to strengthen the bond between them in one way or another. Since Billy is the only one Ryan really cares about, his death would surely hit young Supe hard. Butcher dying the same way as the comics would probably mean Ryan going bad like Homelander, but The boys can prevent this by having Hughie and Starlight take the child under their direction.

Hughie and Starlight deciding to help raise Ryan in the wake of Butcher’s death may allow The boys to end on a happier note. The show can conclude thematically with a tease that the next generation of Supes might be better off than what came before as long as they have the right people looking after them. This would probably mean that The boysThe end of the series must also include the collapse of Vought, as their superhero and the still reigning Compound V empire would contradict this idea. As a result, Billy Butcher’s death may come as he finally achieves his goal of defeating Vought and The Seven, giving Hughie, Starlight, and Ryan a chance for a fresh start.

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