Why Gotham’s New Villain Is Anti-Batman

The mysterious character known as Boy has a similar origin to Batman, but his anger towards the Dark Knight can create a new villain.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from “House of Gotham: Chapter One” in Detective Comics # 1047, on sale now.

As the Shadow of the Bat event begins, a new threat may be brewing in the background. In the save story “House of Gotham: Chapter One” in Police comics # 1047 (by Matthew Rosenberg, Fernando Blanco, Jordie Bellaire, Rob Leigh), a trip down memory lane revealed that Batman may have inadvertently created Gotham City’s new villain. This new character, only known as Boy, has a similar origin to Bruce Wayne, but his perception and anger towards Batman could set him on the path to becoming a twisted version of the Dark Knight.

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The problem began with the normal, idyllic life of a young boy upset by the Joker, who broke into his family’s apartment to murder his parents for “disturbing him”. shot by the clown prince of crime. From the start, the boy had a Batman-like debut, with his parents murdered by a criminal in front of him. Unlike young Bruce Wayne, however, the boy found his father’s gun and intended to shoot the Joker when the clown realized there was one more person in the apartment.

This is when Batman made the scene. The Joker ran away before the Dark Knight could catch him, but due to a combination of trauma, his young age, and timing, the boy assumed that Batman and Joker were friends responsible for the death of his parents. Batman tried to explain that he was not in charge, but had to leave before the police arrived. At this point in his career, Batman had yet to fully gain the trust of the GCPD and he had no choice but to believe that the boy would be placed in good hands.

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Sadly, that couldn’t be further from what happened. With child welfare services seemingly indifferent to his plight and hospitals full, the boy has been transferred to Arkham Asylum for the foreseeable future. This meant that instead of receiving the care and attention he needed, his trauma would most likely be made worse by the criminals who were locked up there at the time. Worse yet, the boy was already blaming Batman for his parents’ murder and he was heading to a place full of Batman enemies. This could be seen as an opportunity by other villains who could use the boy as a tool for revenge.

They could build on his hatred of Batman, teaching him the various skills he would need to be a credible threat to the Dark Knight when he was old enough. As it stands, the boy is not seen as crazy, just traumatized. He would probably only be in Arkham for a brief stint before going to a good therapist, and then being free to travel the world. If Arkham’s inmates come together to teach him how to fight, he could become a shattered version of Batman, shaped by the worst of Gotham instead of the best in the world.

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