Why It’s Time For Godzilla To Join The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has firmly cemented its legacy as one of the greatest cinematic universes in history. Spawning many in-house franchises and crossovers in the avengers movies, the MCU has grown exponentially since Iron Man created in 2008. After Avengers: EndgameMarvel Studios has branched out into TV series and other genres, as seen in the recent night werewolf beginning. From facing cosmic threats to traveling the multiverse, the MCU has done it all…or has it?

As formidable as the MCU is, it has yet to make monsters a serious threat. There have been threats like the Leviathans in the avengers movies and friendlier beings like Ted, aka Man-Thing, but the MCU has yet to reach its true monster potential. Marvel Comics introduced beings like Jormungand from the Thor series and Fin Fang Foom, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re introduced to the MCU. Next night werewolf and the growing number of super-powered beings, the MCU might be ready for the most powerful monster it has – Godzilla.

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The Next MCU Threat Has To Be Godzilla

This crossover might seem far-fetched, but Godzilla is perfect for an appearance in the MCU. Godzilla is arguably the most famous monster in cinema and among the most powerful. Standing hundreds of feet tall and using his signature Atomic Breath, Godzilla has faced and defeated some of the greatest threats to humanity and even humanity itself. Whether it’s the good guy or the bad guy, his list of kills speaks for itself: King Kong, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, and he even fought his way through hell and won. Godzilla is a proven fighter and perhaps the most feared monster in cinema. After facing these monsters, Godzilla could face a new challenge.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has some of the most powerful heroes, and there are still questions about each of them. Hulk has been described as the strongest there is, but his strength fluctuates from movie to movie. Thor and Captain Marvel have undeniable abilities, but their heyday is worth questioning. The power scale is incredibly hard to pin down, especially since it can get silly on screen, but a series like the MCU could use a measuring stick like Godzilla.

The Avengers could be tested against a threat like Godzilla. For perspective, Legendary’s Godzilla stands 400 feet tall, weighs 100,000 tons, and can punch through buildings like a house of cards. Viewers would have a better understanding of Thor or Hulk’s strength if they matched Godzilla’s strength. A character like Doctor Strange using his mind and reality-bending abilities against Godzilla’s atomic breath would provide insight into the limits of his powers. Although it sounds ridiculous, the idea of ​​Godzilla battling the Avengers is canon.

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Godzilla appears in Marvel Comics

In its titular series published in the 1970s, Godzilla ravaged New York City and battled the Avengers to a near stalemate. After the Fantastic Four attempted to return Godzilla to prehistoric times and failed, Godzilla fought a massive battle against the heroes and soon to be the Avengers. As strong as the Avengers could be, Godzilla turned out to be a better match than they could have prepared. Godzilla smashed planes in his hands like nuts, smashed buildings casually, and fended off the Avengers’ biggest attacks.

Thor hit Godzilla with Mjolnir, and although it hurt him, Godzilla ignored him. Iron Man and the Fantastic Four have been sent flying. As powerful as Marvel’s best might be, Godzilla fought them to a stalemate, and questions remain as to whether they could defeat him. Godzilla was a threat like no other. He was a timeless being with no motive or plan for world domination. He was angry, castigated, and New York and the Avengers were right in the way. After a protracted battle, Godzilla was convinced to return to the sea, though his damage and his fight against the Avengers left an impression on Marvel.

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Why Godzilla Makes Sense For The MCU

Godzilla’s inclusion in the MCU seems bizarre, but the MCU branching out to other cinematic universes is inevitable, and it will happen very soon. Although the character is owned by Toho Studios and Legendary Pictures, Godzilla retains crossover potential through his appearance in the comics. Marvel has already had success with the Blade series and his interpretation of Dracula, and there are many rumors that Dracula will be the main antagonist of MCU Blade. Crossovers with other major franchises, such as Extraterrestrialhave arrived at Marvel Comics, and these characters could expand into movies.

As Marvel grows, Godzilla could enter the MCU either through his own character vision or through a direct connection to Legendary Pictures. A crossover would be difficult to pull off, but it’s not impossible, and the two sides have never had a decisive victory in the comics. The Avengers gave Godzilla their best shot, and he kept getting up, and vice versa. Since there’s no motive aside from a full-scale angry animal attack, the heroes’ only goal would be to save lives, which could lead to a new direction for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Godzilla would leave a permanent scar

A monster of Godzilla stature battling the best of Marvel opens the door to several story possibilities. When Marvel fought Thanos, their original plan wasn’t so much about destruction as it was about balancing life and the universe, but Godzilla wouldn’t be the same. The Avengers have been shown to question their fight against him in the comics, and on film, that could lead to a vulnerability that hasn’t been seen since. Captain America: Civil War.

As Godzilla ravages the city, Marvel’s heroes might question their own fight as the destruction continues around them. After continuously fighting him, and characters as powerful as Thor wear themselves out after giving him their all, they could completely change their strategy and evacuate people and slow down Godzilla. After Godzilla’s release, the scars on the heroes might cause them to question their fight as entities like Galactus descend on Earth, as well as his lurking presence in the sea. Godzilla, while niche, adds a lot to a universe that regularly references its amount of destruction, and its presence would leave a physical and thematic scar on the MCU.

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