Why the Old Man Spider-Man movie is a bad idea: Marvel already has a dramatically failed story


The recent success of older versions of popular superheroes has proven that there is indeed a market for such tales. Old Man Logan, Old Man Hawkeye, Punisher: The End, The Dark Knight Returns, and Kingdom Come all attest to this. There is also an Old Man Spider-Man story arc. But you never hear much about it. That’s because Old Man Spider-Man was an epic failure and Marvel wants you to forget that he never existed.

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Why Old Man Spider-Man Movie Rumors Are Soaring

No Way Home fuels the flames

After Tobey Maguire appeared as a dramatically aged version of his Sam Raimi trilogy character in No Way Home, viewers began to vouch for a cinematic base on him. Spider-Man 4, a movie Sam Raimi was never able to make due to the Spider-Man 3 debacle, may finally be in the works. Tobey Maguire, who reveals he’s made a living now as a family man, could star in Spider-Man 4, as an older superhero. Marvel has already made a film on these lines. Logan was basically a retelling of the Old Man Logan arc with a few twists and turns. Spider-Man 4 could be the story of an older Peter Parker for a new generation of readers.

Why the idea seems so interesting

An older Spider-Man

When Stan Lee came up with the idea for a creepy superhero, he saw a gap in the market that he needed to fill. There weren’t many well-known teenage superheroes. Since most comic book readers are teenagers, it was possible to introduce a younger hero into the comics who was not a supporting character or sidekick. But over time, Peter Parker developed as a person. He’s now an adult with a job and now has to juggle his normal life with his superhero life, more than he did when he was in high school. Old Man Peter Parker / Spider-Man would take this story much further, giving us an elderly Peter Parker who is now entering a whole new phase of life.

Reign – The Tale of the Old Man Spider-Man Who Was an Epic Failure

Spider-Man: Reign

There is already a tale exploring the adventures of an elderly Peter Parker. In Spider-Man: Reign, an extremist police force called Reign now controls New York City, which has become totally totalitarian. Peter is elderly, now a florist. After being fired from his job. he meets an older J Jonah Jameson, who expresses his regret for slandering Spider-Man’s names. Jameson convinces Peter to wear the mask again. The corrupt mayor of New York City frees supervillains from jail who then form the “”sinner six“, the next generation of Sinister Six.

plagued by flaws

Reign received a huge backlash from fans around the world. Marvel then stopped going the extra mile for more stories like this. One of the main reasons was that Reign had turned Peter into a bitter, vengeful superhero who wouldn’t hesitate to kill his enemies as needed. A hero whose moral compass still pointed north falling so far from Grace did not bode well for readers. The other reason was the death of Mary Jane. It is later revealed in the issue that Mary Jane died due to Spider-Man’s radioactive semen. The ones we thought were Mary Jane were actually Peter’s hallucinations of his late wife. Mary Jane killed for conforming to the “woman in the fridge” trope was another reason Reign ended up unsuccessful.

Mary Jane was “frozen”

The idea of ​​an older Spidey is totally opposed to the very base that forms the foundation of the character. Peter Parker has always been a younger superhero. By turning him into a responsible adult, Marvel would essentially destroy the very essence of Peter Parker. An old Spider-Man-themed Spider-Man 4 movie seems like a bad idea because it is.


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