Why we’ll never see Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson together in the MCU


The main personal reason you’ll never see Reynolds and Johansson together in the MCU is that the two were once married but have since divorced. From 2008 to 2010, Reynolds and Johansson lived as a married couple, although they kept their relationship extremely private even then. However, it seems the two at least wish each other the best for each other. As Reynolds said E! In line, “We entered our relationship with love, and it is with love and kindness that we leave it.”

Even so, it’s understandable that a duo with such a complicated history might want to avoid each other both personally and professionally. For a while, that wasn’t a real issue, as “Deadpool” was technically owned by Fox and kept separate from the rest of the MCU. However, the door has been opened for Deadpool to make his MCU debut after Disney bought Fox. According to Screen geekMarvel insider Daniel Richtman claims that Johansson’s Black Widow is one of the few characters Reynolds doesn’t want Deadpool to meet as a result of the merger due to their past relationship.

This may not be a major problem, however. Johansson’s character has officially died in the MCU timeline since “Avengers: Endgame” and his appearance in his first (and last) headliner, “Black Widow,” takes place long before “Endgame”. So it’s more likely that the two were never going to interact anyway.

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