Willem Dafoe thinks Green Goblin Mask review influenced No Way Home Look

Willem Dafoe’s triumphant return as Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home brought about a change that he said was a reaction to fan complaints.


When Spider Man First hit the big screen in 2002, fans were in awe of Tobey Maguire as a web-slinger, but had some issues when it came to his opponent, Green Goblin – at least when it came to his mask. Comic book fans are notorious for being a horse for details, and when Spider Man Replacing their original villain’s “goblin” face with a mask, that didn’t appeal to a lot of people, even with Willem Dafoe bringing in a lot of goblin-esque expressions when the mask was off. By resuming his role as Spider-Man: No Path Home, Dafoe believes some of those critics saw the disappearance of the Goblin Mask in the MCU crossover movie.


Spider-Man: No Path Home brought several former villains into the MCU, and while most of them sold their original looks, some changes were made. Jamie Foxx’s Electro received a makeover thanks to the events of the story, which were similar to the Stark tech upgrade that became part of Doc Ock’s tentacles, but a scene that saw Norman Osborn breaking the Goblin Mask shortly after arriving in the film. While the movie didn’t go all out to create a comedic version, the evolution of the costume came close with Osborn wearing ragged purple clothing over the costume with a hood. In an interview with the New York TimesDafoe explained his thoughts saying:

“I have to be honest, I am aware that there have been criticisms about this [Green Goblin] mask in the original one. We’ve heard it enough that it’s probably a consideration, to change it a bit. I don’t think about it because I don’t think about the emotion with my face. My face follows my heart. It’s just an expression of how you feel.

Willem Dafoe’s return shows once again how Marvel can harness the power of the stars

Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe is an actor with an impressive resume and has been one of the most capable actors of his generation, netting four Oscar nominations in the process for his roles in the films. Platoon, Shadow of the Vampire, The Florida Project and At the gates of eternity. His return to the role of Norman Osborn after nearly twenty years, playing the role almost identically to how he did in 2002, once again proved how good Dafoe is. Lose the mask in No way home means there’s more onscreen time for Dafoe’s face to get the job done as he effortlessly switches between Goblin and Norman characters.

While the MCU doesn’t need megastar names to bring audiences to theaters, and has indeed turned some actors into household names over the past 14 years, there are a number of celebrities out there. industry, including Martin Scorsese and Jodie Foster to name just two. , who made his voice heard slapping the Marvel movies. The fact that the MCU movies may have attracted many well-respected Oscar winners such as Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, and Michael Douglas speaks volumes and doesn’t seem to show signs of stopping anytime soon.

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