Willow proves she would be a better killer than Buffy

The latest Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff sees Willow take Buffy’s place as the slayer – and Giles would no doubt consider her a better choice.

This article contains spoilers for The Vampire Slayer #1.

Despite the name of the series, buffy the vampire slayer the comics prove that Willow would be a better killer than Buffy – at least, as far as Giles is concerned. Boom! The studios’ comics adopted the “Slayerverse,“Buffy’s version of the multiverse; it allows the comic book publisher to explore countless different timelines, and the latest is one of the most enjoyable to date. It’s a vision of a world where Buffy is no longer the Slayer, but rather where this mantle was passed on to another.

According to Boom! Studios, the story takes place in a timeline where Buffy has still gone through most of the tragedies she suffered as a Slayer. Giles used something called “chaos magicto try to help her heal from this trauma, but it erased any knowledge that she was the Slayer – and it seems to have resulted in the Slayer powers being passed on to her best friend Willow.

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The Vampire Slayer #1 – by Sarah Gailey, Michael Shelfer, Valentina Pinto and Riccardo Giardina – suggests that Willow is actually a better Slayer than Buffy. The key is that Willow isn’t just a Slayer. She has all the instinctive skills of a slayer, her superhuman strength, speed and stamina. But she also possesses tremendous magical power, which means she can turn to magic when faced with threats beyond the capabilities of a mere slayer. The Slayer’s power seems to have given Willow a much-needed boost of confidence, proven when she decides to take on a monstrous crab creature that is tearing Sunnydale apart. Shelfer’s art is absolutely stunning, conveying a real sense of power and confidence around Buffy, and Pinto and Giardina’s color complements it perfectly.

Willow the Vampire Slayer Buffy

In truth, Willow would be Giles’ ideal Slayer. Buffy, after all, is a rebellious teenager yearning for her own life, forcing Giles to face a Slayer yearning for a career and love life. She’s never been a fan of research, with Giles being forced to study for her and give her information on what he thinks Buffy needs to know. By contrast, Willow is a born scholar, and even on the whole buffy the vampire slayer TV timeline, she had intimate knowledge of her library. Although The Vampire SlayerWillow’s version is more assertive, she would always be more likely to take her Watcher’s advice than Buffy’s.

Without a doubt The Vampire Slayer will eventually reveal why Willow wasn’t the born slayer, however. It’s possible that Willow’s magic and the Slayer clash, in which case the result could well be spectacular and destructive – forcing Buffy to resume her role as true Vampire Slayer. It will be exciting to see how this plays out in the future buffy the vampire slayer stories.

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Look for The Vampire Slayer #1 now from Boom! Studios.

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