Wolverine Just Killed A Fantasy Hero (With A Catch)

Marvel’s Wolverine has just brutally murdered a key member of the Fantastic Four – but unbeknownst to him, they’re dead before the battle even begins.

Warning: contains spoilers for New Fantastic Four #3!

marvel’s Wolverine is often as much of a danger to its allies as it is to its enemies, and the X-Men most popular member just killed a The Fantastic Four teammate in a blind rage – but the man in question is surprisingly already dead. Logan rarely works well with others (thanks to his adamantium skeleton and healing factor that allows him to survive almost any attack), but as a member of the X-Men from the 70s to the present, he can be a team player when he wants. Unfortunately, in New Fantastic Four #3the ferocious ferrous fighter foolishly confronts the fiery Fantastic Four human torch and kills him in battle…but his death doesn’t seem to stick.


In current comic book continuity, the new Fantastic Four (Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine) form when each member independently thinks of heading to Las Vegas. Ghost Rider thinks dark magic is responsible for all four heroes thinking the exact same thought at the same time, and he’s finally proven himself right: Las Vegas is under attack by the demon Asmodeus. The four eventually encounter their greatest threat: a possessed Human Torch with no regard for their lives.

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New Fantastic Four #3, written by Peter David with art by Alan Robinson, really tests the new team as Spider-Man dodges the Torch’s attacks, but he fails to warn Wolverine who is then hit by a demonic version of Penance Stare. by Ghost Rider. Logan is compromised as he falls to the ground, horrified by all the people he has killed over the years. When he finally gets up, he is furious; Wolverine immediately releases his claws and viciously stabs Johnny Storm in the back. “I said to hurt!” Spider-Man screams, but the torch suddenly flickers moments later. “There is clearly something you are not considering” he said getting up from the floor. “You can’t kill a dead man.”

Obviously, Asmodeus has either killed the Human Torch in the past – or that’s not what Johnny Storm’s audience knows. Either way, Wolverine displayed a shocking degree of violence when he stabbed his fellow crimefighter. It’s possible – perhaps very likely – that the vulnerability Wolverine displayed after suffering the Penance Stare drove him into an even more murderous rage than usual, which led directly to “death”. of the human torch.

It should also be noted that Wolverine stabbed the Torch in the back in a sneak attack during the battle. While Wolverine is a more pragmatic hero and doesn’t let a weakness like honor get in the way of a quick and easy victory, he also shows respect for his allies and friends. The fact that Wolverine decided to scratch the human torch from behind shows that he’s really pissed off in this issue – and while he’s not exactly dead, he would have would have been without Asmodeus’ magic, and Wolverine would have had to be much more careful.

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