Wolverine Proves SHIELD’s Helicarrier Is Stronger Than Fans Know

As far as vehicles in the Marvel Universe go, the Helicarrier is a pretty cool ride. But it also has a practical purpose to keep Agents of SHIELD safe.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Wolverine: Patch 4

Many fans might think that Shields The Helicarrier is just a cool vehicle for the Shield to drive, but in a recent Wolverine comic, it’s revealed that the flying plane actually has a pretty practical purpose.

Throughout his superhero career, Wolverine occasionally adopts the nickname Patch to hide out in the criminal nation of Madripoor. In one adventure, he was sucked into a jungle conflict on the outskirts of town. A group of mutants are hunted by multiple forces, including Russian soldiers and the Yakuza. After initially being mistaken for part of the soldiers by the mutants, Wolverine quickly recovers and then attacks everyone in a brutal battle to give the mutants time to escape.


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In Wolverine: crest #4 by Larry Hama and Andrea Di Vito, Nick Fury watches the entire scene unfold from a helicarrier high above the jungle. Wolverine does such a good job of taking out all of the soldiers that the various groups, which flank the area from multiple sides, fire indiscriminately into the jungle. Lost bullets even hit other groups. There’s so much collateral damage that Nick Fury and SHIELD have a massive strategic advantage by having a base of operations above the conflict rather than within it. This way they can monitor the scene in real time without fear of being caught in the crossfire.

Of course, the Helicarrier is a huge asset to being an operational base that can travel anywhere in the sky. But this ability to be close to conflict while being out of harm’s way is a huge plus for SHIELD. Nick Fury is first and foremost a spy, not a soldier. This means he works more with intelligence, reconnaissance and information gathering than anything else. Being able to hide among the clouds while directly above a hot area is incredibly useful for someone who wants to see how a situation is unfolding before getting involved.

Of course, the Helicarrier is not an infallible vehicle. They have been attacked from time to time and they are not the most discreet means of transport. But the conflict with Wolverine wasn’t an all-out superhero brawl that could be taken to the skies if there were fliers involved. The skirmish Wolverine was involved in was primarily a ground battle with unpowered individuals. In this case, the Helicarrier can be used extensively and SHIELD can do what it SHIELD does best, which is to spy on dangerous individuals.

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