Wolverine’s Biggest Victory Only Came Because Magneto Destroyed Him

Wolverine’s life changed forever after Magneto ripped the Adamantium from his body, forcing the X-Men hero to reevaluate who he was.

Warning! Spoiler for Comic The Life of Wolverine Infinity on Marvel Unlimited

On his journey to becoming a hero, Wolverines most devastating defeat at the hands of Magneto ultimately led to his biggest victory. In The Life of Wolverine Infinity Comic #1o on Marvel Unlimited, Marvel Comics reminds readers that Magneto rips Wolverine’s adamantium-coated bones from his body. The X-Men hero admits the brutal defeat made him a better hero and changed who he was for the better.

One of Wolverine’s greatest strengths is his adamantium bones, which aren’t from his mutant powers. Instead, after being captured by Weapon X, Logan’s bones were coated in a powerful metal to make him an even more dangerous killing machine. However, his adamantium claws and bones made Wolverine extremely vulnerable to specific attacks, especially Magneto’s manipulation of the metal. Marvel Comics just reminded readers how Magneto’s Most Dangerous Attack, where the X-Men villain stripped Wolverine of his adamantium from his body, led the hero to realize who he was and embrace his human nature. He won his biggest personal victory.


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In The Life of Wolverine Infinity Comic #1o by Jim Zub, Ramon Bachs, Java Tartaglia and VC’s Joe Sabino, Marvel Comics condenses Wolverine’s story as his most devastating defeat at the hands of Magneto is presented. It explores Wolverine’s struggles as man or beast, revealing that Magneto ripping out his adamantium bones destroyed his balance. The ensuing struggles for Wolverine as a beast in his own right and villainous manipulation. But, being reduced to an animal turned out to be the start of the long process Wolverine needed to realize who he was and find the best version of himself.

Wolverine Story Magneto

In the end, without the adamantium being stripped of his bones, which sent Wolverine into depths of self-discovery like he had never known before, he would never have emerged as the hero that it is today. He pulled himself out of his most animal form, eventually regained his adamantium bones, and became a teacher and mentor to the X-Men, an Avenger, and an inspiration to other heroes. His biggest defeat pushed him into new territory, from which he would emerge with a massive personal victory.

If Wolverine had never been sent by Magneto into the darkest examination of his true nature, he would never have won his greatest victory. The loss of his adamantium bones sent Logan down a difficult path – but ultimately, Wolverine would become a greater hero because of Magneto destroy it.

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