Wong is Marvel’s Most Effective Man

Few characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been more universally celebrated than Wong. After his recurring appearances in Disney’s She-Hulk, fans expressed their joy towards the “WCU”, or Wong Cinematic Universe. The current MCU Sorcerer Supreme has appeared in 7 MCU projects and is set to appear in many more.

In the comics, Wong has a similar reputation, despite not holding the title of Sorcerer Supreme. He has been through several different scenarios, helping with all things mystical arts. However, this leads to a strange question: why wouldn’t the heroes go to see his master, Doctor Strange? Well, there are a few reasons.

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Wong connects an entire network of Marvel superheroes

First, Wong is more easily accessible than Stephen Strange. Doctor Strange’s duties constantly confronted him with otherworldly threats, leaving Wong to fend for himself in the Sanctum. This means he has had more time to interact with other heroes and actually become an official or unofficial member of certain hero teams. In total, Wong has been a member of five Marvel teams, ranging from the mystical Midnight Sons to the more grounded New Avengers. On both teams, Wong was instrumental in each team’s success.

New Avengers (2006) saw Wong hiding and caring for the team as they took refuge in the Sanctum after their protest against the Superhero Registration Act. In the case of the Midnight Sons, he was the only reason the group came together to save Dr. Strange in Doctor Strange: Damnation. In question #4 (by VC’s Donny Cates, Nick Spencer, Rod Reis, Szymon Kudranski, Dan Brown and Travis Lanham), Wong briefly made the ultimate sacrifice to save Las Vegas, and by proxy the world, from Mephisto. These multiple teams led Wong to create this type of superhero network as he continues to keep in touch with the members of these various supergroups.

This network is highlighted in Strange #6 (by VC’s Jed MacKay, Lee Garbett, Java Tartaglia and Cory Petit), as Wong has lost Stephen Strange and needs access to a magically suppressed memory that can help figure out what’s causing recent zombie resurrections. To somehow overcome the spell that blocked this memory, he enlists Jean Grey, who searches Wong’s mind with his consent to find the missing information. She does this because she states that she never forgot Wong and Dr. Strange’s help. Assassin and Avenger Black Widow also appear, helping Wong identify clues related to the sinister plot.

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The difference between Wong and Doctor Strange

However, this raises another point; if Dr. Strange has helped other superheroes in the past, why not go see the Sorcerer Supreme himself? It’s a question of different personalities. Frankly, despite his oath to help others freely under his title of Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange can be terribly selfish. His rash decision-making due to his need to control a situation can make him difficult to work with. However, despite his moments of sarcasm, Wong was extremely generous. Due to his upbringing expecting a life of servitude, Wong is no stranger to selflessness.

He let nothing stop his devotion to others, especially Dr. Strange himself. The most notable example of this is Wong’s continued service to the Sorcerer Supreme despite his recent cancer diagnosis. Overall, Wong is an incredibly humble and dedicated person, which has created a sense of reliability that most other heroes can’t provide. In both comics and movies, Wong has become a staple of Marvel. His down-to-earth and dedicated nature attracts many fans, both inside and outside the Marvel Universe.

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