Zatanna’s apprentice may be hiding a dark secret

As Young Justice: Phantoms progresses, we discover that a key magical hero holds a dark secret and could have dire repercussions.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the first nine episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms, streaming now on HBO Max.

As Young Justice: Ghosts Rolls, the show moves away from the fiasco of Superboy and his death on Mars, as well as the battle Artemis is waging against Lady Shiva and the League of Shadows. It is now a mystical threat that has come to Earth via a new Lord of Chaos. As the final episode goes on, “Odnu! Unfolds, we discover that a key magical hero might hold a dark secret that could have dire repercussions.

This is none other than Mary Bromfield of the Shazam family, who is now an intern alongside Khalid and Thirteen, working under Zatanna’s tutelage. As they go on a field mission to catch trolls, Mary is not herself as she is not wearing her Mary Marvel costume.

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Mary Marvel fights inner demons in Young Justice: Phantoms

In fact, she’s generally not as jagged as her comedic counterpart, as other animated takes have led her to believe. She has a more thoughtful figure, and that seems to be due to the fact that she struggles with the power inside. Zatanna told her very early on: “You still think too much like a superhero” and that she needed to deprogram herself. This caused her peers to ask what their boss meant, and Mary began to explain that she “was a superhero called a sergeant …”

However, she cut herself off before she could say the world “Marvel” as her original superhero codename was Sergeant Marvel in the comics. When Mary tried to explain that she had the power of Shazam à la Billy Batson, she also cut herself short because if she pronounced the wizard’s name “Shazam” she would lose her powers.

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It works in two stages because it avoids touching Captain Marvel’s fiasco with Marvel Comics, but it also explains how Mary harnesses her power. She has seen the gods used abilities, such as Mercury’s speed and the like, but she doesn’t want to channel them completely to change bodies or wear a costume like the other members of the Shazam family. Instead, Mary perfects her craft through spells under Zatanna, hinting that she doesn’t or maybe she does. can not let go as before.

Mary Marvel fights inner demons in Young Justice: Phantoms

It’s possible that Mary has been corrupted with this Black Adam-style power in the past, creating a sort of Hulk Syndrome where Mary tries to tame her own demons. We know that the powers of the Shazam family are not only related to this word but also to their emotions, so it will be interesting to see how Zatanna works with Mary as she leaves her old coat behind.

This could backfire as Mary doesn’t seem to be handling it well, making her more incompetent and vulnerable on the pitch, but at least she has some teenage friends on her team who could help her. Only time will prevail, but for now, she lacks self-confidence, shaping a liability that Zatanna will have to watch out for.

See how Mary struggles with her powers on Young Justice: Phantoms, with new episodes airing Thursdays on HBO Max.

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